Make It Rain: The Love of Money Guide – Increasing Your Cash Flow

Tips to help you get more cash in Make It Rain: The Love of Money! Upgrade rundown and more!
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Make It Rain: The Love of Money is a new app from Space Inch LLC. The goal of the game is to collect as much money as possible and upgrade to get even more. Swiping your way to more cash and filling your bucket gets addicting once you see it piling up so I’ve put together a list of tips to help you gain fast!

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Upgrades Are Your Friend

“Buying” the right upgrades will help you rake in cash quick. Although you can buy upgrades through in-app purchases most of the upgrades you can buy completely with your virtual money. 

Upgrades come in four categories; Financial Investments, Business Investments, Political Investments and Supercharge (for if you want to spend real money).

Financial Investments (Stocks symbol)

You want to invest in these upgrades when you need to increase the rate of your cash flow. This allows you to earn money even when you’re not swiping, which can come in handy when you’re asleep and away from your phone. The more you invest, the higher the benefit. 

Business Investments (Briefcase symbol)

You want to use these investments to increase the amount of money you earn for each swipe. Also upgrading to a higher dollar bill is relatively cheap and it will save you a lot of swipes in the future–your finger will thank you! 

Political Investments (Building symbol)

These upgrades are your golden ticket. You use these to upgrade your bucket capacity and flow. It’s a great idea to increase bucket capacity so you don’t have that pesky notification telling you your bucket is full, also helping you to not waste money from it overflowing. 

Increasing your bucket flow does just that. It helps you get more money per hour. Don’t forget to collect the money in your bucket every once in a while because it will greatly add to your stash and help you to buy more upgrades.

Get Into the Rhythm 

Learning how to swipe efficiently is very important not only for your fingers but also the rate of cash. If you swipe from the middle of the screen up, you won’t get the rate going any higher. So start your swipe from the upper third of the dollar bill and follow through until your finger goes past your display–this prevents your swipes from bouncing back and not registering. 

Once you get used to the motion you will only get faster!

Smartly Bribe the FBI 

Throughout your game you’ll see random FBI investigations pop up where you have to spin a wheel and lose money. Tempting as it is to use your bribe cards early on, it’s best to save them up for when you’re making the real big bucks. Trust me, paying 600 dollars now is way better than paying thousands later!

Make It Rain: The Love of Money is free to play and available for iOS and Android today! Make sure to share some of your tips down below!

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