Malevolence: The Sword of Ahkranox Cleanse Quest Guide

Having difficulty completing cleanse quests within the world of Ahkranox? This guide is full of all the tips you need to destroy all evil in your path.

Having difficulty completing cleanse quests within the world of Ahkranox? This guide is full of all the tips you need to destroy all evil in your path.

The world of Ahkranox is full of dangers. One of the many tasks that the citizens of the cities will ask of you as The Chosen One is to cleanse dungeons of the evil that lurks within them. In other words: Kill every living or unliving monstrosity in the dungeon.

Surviving an entire dungeon while killing everything is no small feat within the world of Ahkranox, even for The Chosen One. Don’t worry, though, with this guide you will be clearing out dungeons of evil and claiming treasures in no time.

Understanding a Quest’s Difficulty

Throughout your adventures, you will begin to notice that each quest assigned to you will have a difficulty rating. While most games scale enemies to a dungeon’s difficulty, Malevolence works a little bit different.

There are a total of five different difficulties that a quest can be ranked, Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Difficult and Very Difficult. At the start of the game, your first town will only contain Very Easy quests, but as you level up, more difficult tasks will be asked of you.

For a cleanse quest, the difficulty affects two factors of a dungeon. The first is what kind of monsters you will find in the dungeon, and the second is how big the dungeon is. The amount of floors a dungeon has and the types of creatures you find in each difficulty is as follows:

  • Very Easy: 1-2 floors. Goblins and Imps will spawn.
  • Easy: 3-4 floors. Goblins, Imps and Zombies will spawn.
  • Medium: 5-6 floors. Goblins, Imps, Zombies, Lizardmen and a few Orcs will spawn.
  • Difficult: 7-8 floors. Goblins, Imps, Zombies, Lizardmen, Orcs and Minotaurs will spawn.
  • Very Difficult: 9-10 floors. Goblins, Imps, Zombies, Lizardmen, Orcs, Minotaurs and dreaded Ogres will spawn.

Note: These are the only monster types currently in the game at the time of writing. More monster types are planned in the near future. 

Now that you have an understanding of how the difficulty of the quests works, it is time to prepare for embarking on the actual quest. What and how many provisions you will need depends on the difficulty of the quest and the type of character you are playing.

Getting Prepared For Your Quest

The first thing you need is equipment. If you are playing as a Warrior, you will need a decent melee weapon and some armor. For a Rogue, you will need a decent bow, some arrows and armor. For Spellcasters, you will need a few spells, armor and a decent melee weapon to fall back on should the need arise.

Note: To get enough arrows for the Rogue, you may need to go to a few towns or rest at the inn a few nights for the blacksmith to restock arrows. If you run out of arrows, you can melee enemies with your bow.

Note: Spells in Malevolence are created using spell gems and spell discs. You will need to insert gems into a disc to create a spell. These can be bought at the magic shop and Mages Guild.

As noted above, what provisions you will need entirely depends on the difficulty of the quest. For a Very Easy quest, you won’t be needing much. You will need six or seven torches, a stack of small, medium and large health potions, and, if you’re playing a Spellcaster, a few mana and rejuvenation potions.

Note: You will also need a few antivenom vials if you aren’t confident about avoiding the poison traps often found in dungeons.

For each quest rank higher than Very Easy, I would recommend an extra stack of each potion per difficulty. For example, for a Medium quest, a warrior would need three stacks of small, medium and large health potions. For a Very Difficult quest, they would need five of each.

This may seem excessive, but remember, the deeper you go into a dungeon, the tougher the monsters become. On higher difficulties, you will be facing off against Minotaurs and Ogres — and they will quickly hammer down your potions.

Note: On the higher difficulties, it is advised to also carry one whole stack of antivenom, as both zombies and poison traps can inflict your character with poison. For a very difficult quest, 20-25 would generally be enough.

Completing the Task at Hand

To complete a cleanse quest, every monster on every floor must be killed. You will have to search every nook and cranny of each floor to find all the enemies. Some may even be hidden behind secret doors, which can be located by clicking on walls when the red gem lights up at the bottom of your HUD.

How many enemies are on each floor will depend on the dungeon’s size, but on an average sized floor, you can expect anything from 18-25 enemies. You can find the total number of enemies in the entire dungeon by checking the quest in your quest log.

Once you have slain all the enemies on a floor, a message will appear indicating that you have cleared the floor. If you are having difficulty finding the last one or two enemies on a floor, you can bring them to you by sleeping.

Note: While you sleep, the monsters roam the dungeon floor and can find you. If you simply sleep for an extended period in dungeons, say, eight hours, the likeliness of monsters finding you is very high. Make sure you have an escape plan and don’t sleep in an area that is blocking you off from the exit. It is a precaution in case you have to run from the monster that appears.

Once you have killed every monster in the dungeon, your quest will be complete. To obtain your reward, you must go to the nearest Quest Kiosk found in every town. Upon clicking on the kiosk, you will be able to choose one of three rewards. And of course, you also gain experience. 

Let No Evil Stand in Your Way

And that is everything you need to know to about cleanse quests and completing them. If you have followed this guide, you should be a pro at cleaning dungeons of evil in no time. If you are having difficulty surviving or navigating through dungeons, check out our Getting Started and Survival guides for all the tips, tricks and information you need!

May the sword watch over you, Chosen, and let no evil stand in your way.

How do you clear dungeons in Malevolence? Got any tips we should add to this guide? Let us know in the comments below!


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