Maneater Quester Collector Guide: How to Find All Questers

Wondering how to find all of the Questers in Maneater Truth Quest? Here's where all of the new collectibles wearing tin foil hats are for the fanfare trophy/achievement.

Wondering how to find all of the Questers in Maneater Truth Quest? Here's where all of the new collectibles wearing tin foil hats are for the fanfare trophy/achievement.

Maneater Truth Quest introduces a new collectible perfectly in line with its conspiratorial bent. Called Questers, these collectibles are humans wearing tin foil hats. There are 11 in total: one in each of the base game’s locations and three in Plover Island. Getting them all will give you the Fanfare trophy/achievement.

They can be on land, in water, or even underwater. The guide below tells you where to find all of the Questers in Maneater Truth Quest, and includes map and in-game screenshots to help you chomp them more quickly. 

Note: When you get close to the Quester you’ll hear them spewing conspiracy theories. If the camera is facing them directly, not your shark, you’ll see a bright flicker from far away, then a tin foil hat icon when closer. Even if the camera is a little off, you won’t see anything.

Unlike license plates and nutrient caches, for example, these icons do not stay on your map after first discovering them. 

Fatwick Bayou

Exit the Fatwick Bayou Grotto, and turn right. Keep along the eastern edge of the area until you come to a large gate with two U.S. flags on either side of it. Go through the gate to find the Quester on the dock directly in front of you. 

Dead Horse Lake

Leave the Grotto, and go right under the bridge. Continue back toward Fatwick Bayou, and jump the barrier with the yellow nuclear fallout sign when you reach it. Stay on the left side of the map, and submerge when you reach the red and white smokestack with flashing red lights. 

You should see a blue light in front of you and debris rushing up toward the surface. The Quester is underwater in a sunken building just before that. 

Golden Shores

Exit the Grotto, surface, and go straight. Go under the bridge ahead with the red, white, and blue “Clovis TGA” banner on it. Pass under it, and turn right. Go toward the island with the tower on it. 

Stay left of the island, and go under another bridge. Just past the bridge, look to the right to find the Quester at the base of the tower. 

Sapphire Bay

Leave the Grotto, and go right up the underwater sand dune. At the top, you’ll see a full shipwreck (there’s a more destroyed one going up the sand dune). The Quester is floating just to the right of the shipwreck.

Prosperity Sands

Leave the Grotto, and go right. Continue straight and pass under two bridges. After the second bridge, you’ll see a steel sculpture of three hands on the right side. It’s draped with red banners and has an electronic billboard behind it. 

The Quester is at the base of the sculpture in the middle. 

Caviar Key

Exit the Grotto, and turn right. Continue straight, toward the purple hot air balloons in the distance. go under the bridge, and keep right. Go under another bridge, and head toward the island on the left side.

There’s a tower on the island with an orange top (the top has many octagonal sections that make it look like a prism). The Quester is to the left of the tower, hiding in a broken red barrel. 

The Gulf

Exit the Grotto, and go directly southwest 680 meters (right out of the Grotto, under the glowing line marking the Grotto, and toward the kelp forest). Pass through the kelp forest and dive down to the bottom. You’ll soon see the netting for the edge of the area appear to your left. Keep going straight.

It looks like you’ll run into the net, but you’ll automatically move to the right of it. The area will get very low here and eventually rise in front of you. Climb and you’ll find a shipwreck on top of the rise. The Quester is in the shipwreck.

Plover Island

Quester 1

Exit the Plover Island Grotto, and go left (west-southwest). Pass under the bridge, surface, and keep to the right. The Quester is at the bottom of the steel seawall with “01” painted on it in white. It’s underneath the small watchtower with the spotlight. 

They’re just at the waterline, near the rock before the beach. 

Quester 2

From there, swim to west-northwest to find the lighthouse underneath the large, green-glowing fortress on the mountain. Take the shortcut underneath the lighthouse, and turn left when you exit the shortcut. Look for a submarine docked in the mountain on the left. 

The Quester is underwater on the left side of the submarine, in the dock. 

Quester 3

From the last Quester, go to the far east side of the area. After you pass the large shipping vessel docked on the main island chain, called the Marine Sulphur Queen II, look for the small island with six palm trees and a large, white tower with a round, white top (the top has many octagonal sections that make it look like a prism). 

Go to the back of the island to find the Quester kneeling behind the tower near crates and a barrel.

And that’s that. Now you know how to find all of the Questers in Maneater Truth Quest. You’re that much stronger and have more nutrients to take your evolutions to the next level. And you have the Fanfare trophy/achievement, too!

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