An ever-growing list of OX Quiz answers, in an easy-to-use format!

MapleStory 2 OX Quiz Answer Cheat Sheet

An ever-growing list of OX Quiz answers, in an easy-to-use format!

Each of MapleStory 2‘s minigames has its own set of challenges to deal with, but none are as utterly baffling as OX Quiz.

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The OX Quiz returns from the original MapleStory and its questions are just as varied and obtuse in the sequel. It has questions about games, movies, classical music, sporting events, South Korea, and MapleStory 2 itself.

Despite the huge range of questions, it’s really not all that frustrating. It’s hard to get mad when there are no consequences and you get to watch others fail, too.

Many of the questions you’ll run into for the OX Quiz are plainly localized questions on very specific South Korean topics, such as the island known for squid or the country’s dialing code. It even has a question about Princess Maker 4, a Japanese raising sim game that never released in North America but sold wildly in South Korea. I love that game, but the question even being in the English version is confusing.

How to use the cheat sheet

You don’t have a lot of time to answer OX Quiz questions, so I’ve laid out the answers in a more convenient manner.

True questions are on the left, while false questions are on the right and are bolded. This means you can search for a term, see whether it’s bolded or not, and answer quickly in-game.

I recommend having this cheat sheet up in a separate window or on your phone. Once you get a question, search for the most important noun in the question here in this sheet. Just scrolling through is too slow, especially considering the number of answers.

Some of the questions are not phrased exactly as they are in-game, especially in the first few dozen. I’ll get these ironed out over time, but for now there are two different ways to search through the cheat sheet:

  1. Search for the primary noun – This can be fine to do, but be aware some topics are featured in multiple questions and some questions are exact opposites.
  2. Search for the start of a question – This will usually lead you to the right answer, but some of the first couple dozen or so questions are not all worded exactly right; this is being ironed out as the sheet is updated.

More OX Quiz answers will be added as I do more quizzes! I’ve been doing the quiz every time it comes up for several days but there seem to be hundreds of questions — these answers only scratch the surface, but don’t worry: I’ll definitely be adding more, as I myself would like an easy OX cheat sheet as well.

Last updated: Sun., Oct. 21 (5:00PM EDT)

True False
Harry Potter went to the magic school Hogwarts The lion is a herbivore
Romanesque architecture is an architectural style characterized by horizontal lines and Roman architecture types Beauty Street’s BGM has 120 BPM
Buzz Lightyear is a character from Toy Story Snails have 2 genders
Tear concentrations show whether someone is sad or full of joy The Maori people stick out their tongues to meet strangers
Greenpeace is an environmental organization Caused by algal blooms, red ocean refers to a phenomenon during which overt population of algae discolors coastal waters
According to ABO blood group system, type-A mother and type-B father can bear a type-O offspring Mario’s pet dinosaur is named Bowser
Greece won the Trojan War Captain Jack Sparrow is played by Robert Downey Jr.
 Superman’s alter ego is Clark Kent  Co2 is lighter than O2
Spinach came to be known as the king of iron thanks to a chemist’s blunder  Dry ice is hotter than regular ice
Metal balls, if heated, expand in volume A prosecutor can issue an arrest warrant
TCP/IP is a protocol related to the internet Eating dark chocolate is health for dogs
Renaissance means “revival and rebirth of the classical art and intellect” South Korea’s country dialing code is 81
A perfect game of baseball is when the opposing team runs no bases “Madama Fly” is by Puccini
Go (weiqi) is an official event of the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou Violin is composed of four notes: C (Do), G (Sol(, D (Re), and A (La)
Captain Moc holds a cannon with one hand  Nelph has a total of 3 documents stuck in his waistband
Frankenette can be found in the Neuron DNA Basement Known for its local squids, Ulleung-do is an island in Korea and is part of Gyongsangnam-do district
Metal Balls, if heated, expand in volume In volleyball, the position specialized in defensive plays is called the sweeper
Cats dream when they sleep Japan won the second spot in World Baseball
The Priest can use a skill to restore the spirit of their allies Items cannot be hidden from display
Mountain berries belong to the rose family Christmas is the day of Jesus’ marriage
Spinach retains its color when cooked in an open pot The Molten Knight appears in Fort Macaroon
“The ugly Ducking” is a story included in Andersen’s fairy tales The War of the Roses were a series of wars fought in France for control of the throne
Cellphones can explode Princess Maker 4 is an online game
In Thailand, soldiers are drafted using the luck of the draw Caricature exaggerates a remarkable trait of a person
Tigers, kings of predators, also eat fruit Ppang is the Korean word for bread and (something about it being a loanword)
A cracking sound occurs when bubbles inside the cavitation of the joint pop In Maplestory 2 you can mail Mesos to a friend
Pressing X while riding a Plucky Ducky makes it sing The Capital of Switzerland is Zurich
Baseball was dropped from the Olympics after the 2008 Beijing Olympics Summer solstice refers to the day when daytime and nighttime are equal in length
“Erlkonig” is a poem by Wolfgang Goethe The strongest enemy in the Cusp of Life is Einos
Lame duck refers to the diminishing power of an elected official who is reaching the end of their term Monkeys have the second highest IQ next to humans
There is a utility pole that can be uprooted and swung around Devlin Warriors appear on South Royal Road
There’s a pair of binoculars on Skyreach Pass “War and Peace” is Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s work
In the west, the West End along with New York’s Broadway is known for top-notch theater Of the five oceans, the largest is the Atlantic Ocean
Toothpaste kills cockroaches You can use pictures of your face to create UGC items
Toh and Googoo are field boss monsters of Whistler Cliffs A squid has 9 tentacles
Spider-man is related to spiders Computers only have two input devices
Thanos is a major villain in the Avengers The Lost Vayar Guardian is a Divine monster
Rice, when cooked at high altitude, tends to get half-cooked because water boils at a lower temperature in higher altitudes The lunar calendar was first developed in Egypt
X-rays can penetrate muscles and tissues, but not bones and metals The Persistence of Memory is a painting of Rene Magritte
 4 + 6 x 2 = 16  3 + 5 x 18 = 144
A person with Type-O blood can donate to someone with Type-A blood 194 nations participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympics
The xylophone is a percussion instrument Too much vitamin C causes skurvy
The name of the tribe concerned about the princess abducted from Cherry Blossom Hill is Boroboro  The Prism Falls are 12 meters tall
Jekyll & Hide is a musical whose plot is set in London CTRL + G is the default hotkey to copy text
Moses Mendelssohn worked as a painter  Jean Sibelius is a Russian composer
Just like humans, monkeys have blood types Australopithecus’s scientific name is Austriapithecus afarensis
Heath Ledger played the role of Joker in the movie The Dark Knight The Australian Open, of the international tennis tournaments, has the longest history
Uruguay was the first country to host and win the FIFA World Cup  Sunflowers do not have pollen
MK 53 Alpha appears ate Neuron DNA Research Site The Hollywood movie “Godzilla” is the original film
Claude Debussy is a composer from Paris, France Claude Money painted “The Luncheon on the Grass”
The default hotkey to maximize the Minimap is the Tab key “Die Forelle” is a work of Mozart
There is a broadcasting station in MapleStory 2 Niccolo Panganini is a famous cell virtuoso
The United Kingdom and the Qing Dynasty agreed on the Treaty of Nanjing right after the Opium wars The three primary colors are red, green, and white
In India’s caste system, Kshatriya is the warrior class The United Kingdom is a fully independent sovereign state made up of the 3 countries in Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) plus Ireland
According to ABO blood group system, type-O mother and type-AB father can bear a type-B offspring Sonic bomb refers to the phenomenon that occurs when a flying object exceeds the speed of sound
Francisco Goya was a Spanish court painter Pyramids can only be found in Egypt
Low-calorie ramen exists Twingos swing shovels
 C-3PO is fluent in over six million forms of communication A VISA is a conditional sanction placed by a country on a foreigner, banning them from entering
In 1948, at the third United Nations General Assembly, the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” was chosen as the human rights declaration The name of the city where Empress Ereve resides is Travia
 The part of a potato most commonly eaten is its stem. Jabulani was the official ball for the 2014 Olympics
A soprano’s vocal range is high, while an alto’s vocal range is low Dogs have 6 legs
A polar bear’s skin color is black Tango is a French dance
In space, a feather and a cannon ball have the same weight Alikar Prison’s male uniforms can be washed once a year
Strawberries belong to the rose family “Thumbelina” isn’t a story by Hans Christian Andersen
 Antonin Dvorak, the composer of “New World Symphony,” is from the Czech Republic A typical symphony includes piano
Rabindranath Tagore is the first Asian person to win a Nobel Prize According to Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and Liu Bei made their pact under a mulberry tree
Rue is a currency obtainable from Daily quests Hans Christian Andersen was a prominent French entomologist who wrote Souvenirs Entomologiques
Zeus, the supreme god in Greek and Roman mythology, is a womanizer Frederic Chopin had participated in the International Chopin Piano Competition, a competition that is held in Warsaw, Poland
In music, a repeat sign indicates a section should be repeated Lack of calcium causes anemia
The name of the merchant that sells items for Valor Tokens is Beautiful Arc There’s a torch in Rose Castle that can be picked up and swung
A carrot’s root is the part of a carrot popularly consumed Elizabeth I of England was a married woman
Spain win the 2010 World Cup in South Africa The word “audition,” in broadcasting, refers to the third parties’ tipping of sensitive information, under the agreement of confidentiality
Jeremy Bentham is the philosopher who suggested utilitarianism, which upholds maximization of overall happiness as value The first country to ever win a World Cup was Brazil
In music, the cadenza is a tricky solo part of a classical music piece that is usually improvised  The “Divine Comedy” is a trilogy. The three books are “Hell,” Purgatory,” and “Paradise.”
Emperor Napoleon I ordered the construction of the Triumphal Arch Light travels 1km/sec in vacuum
Nigeria’s capital is Abuja David Livingston set out to Africa to provide medical services
There are 5 black piano keys in each octave Zebras have black lines on white fur
Gregor Mendel, in his 1866 paper on pea plant experimentation, discovered the dominance and recessivity in genes In the United States, soldiers are drafted using luck of the draw
The griffins can be found in Horus’s Nest The superstring theory describes how the universe expanded from a single point
 Fidelio is the only opera Beethoven ever composed Gustav Klimt, an Austrian painter, was born in 1863
The practice of enclosure, a cause of the industrial revolution, was an economic trend. Wealthy farmers brought land from small farmers to realize economies of scale The name of the buff awarded to the winners of the mini-game events is Ereve’s Happiness
Separation of Powers is a recent political concept that prevents one group from gaining excessive power and promotes civil rights and freedom Black is a color that reflects sunlight well
A mandarin fish eats fish its size Prince, a famous American musician, is regarded as the “King of Pop”
Before playing a piece, orchestras use the obo’s sound to tune their instruments Petroleum us made from the energy that was stored in giant ancient planets
“Macbeth” is an opera written by Giuseppe Verdi Milk Road is the road that connects the ancient civilizations of the East and the West
“Gujiga” whose lyrics contain “Turtle, turtle push our your head” is a shamanic song A4 paper is bigger than A3
Arabesque means “Arabic” and is used as the title for the compositions with fanciful ornamentation of the melody The caste system is a judicial system in in India
Chickens can be left-footed or right-footed The experts rated the cucumber as the healthiest food in the 21st century
24 x 4 = 96 Moses Mendelssohn worked as a cartoonist as well
The title creature in the movie Jaws is a shark Penguin’s teeth grow up to 5 mm
IC is shorthand for Integrated Circuit There are no speed limits for airplanes
 Mosquito bites itch because of the mosquito’s saliva The Elite monster appearing in Torhara Spring is Dark Girant
Violin was first invented in the 16th century Antonio Salieri and Wolfgang Mozart are not contemporaries
In Greek and Roman mythology, Zeus wedded Hara A guitar is a percussion instrument
Stone is lighter to lift underwater than out in the air Dietary fiber is the primary nutrition meat, eggs, fish, and beans provide
The term bluebird syndrome refers to a state in which a person puts the yearning for an ideal world over happiness in reality Urpanda in Rainbow Mountain carries pine trees on its shoulders
A wart is a group of skin cells that have grown rapidly due to human papillomavirius (HPV) infection The IDC is an organization that decides where to hold the Olympics
Antonio Salieri and Wolfgang Mozart are contemporaries Guatemala City is not the capital of Guatemala
Mambrina in Katramus steals HP from her targets Dry ice is hotter than regular ice
The name of the Elite monster quatting in a Stranger’s House is Mushmom The leader of the Barrota Trading Company is Solvay
Emperor Napoleon I ordered the construction of the Triumphal Arch A squid has 9 tentacles
The Weimar Constitution is the first constitution to state fundamental human rights In a modern set of golf clubs, the number 1 wood is called a spoon
42 x 2 = 84 Fish breathe through their mouths
A shrimp’s heart is at the tip of its head Horticulture refers to the farming of crops such as cabbage and bracken in a high-altitude environment
Christopher Nolan is the director of the 2008 film The Dark Knight Crabs have 8 legs
Luwak coffee is made out of a cat’s feces The Palace of Versailles is a prime example of Rococo Style architecture
Michael Jordan is usually associated with basketball Drama refers to films or shows that are meant to document phenomena
Items stored with Goldus Bank are shared among your characters on the same account Gaboshi heels are shoes with a wedge-shaped sole
Benelux refers to the three neighboring monarchies: Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg The portrait of Queen Elizabeth in British currency is still young and beautiful
Madonette appears in Flora Avenue Dark Wind HQ is located in Henesys
The word “Eskimo,” which refers to a member of an indigenous people inhabiting norther Alaska, means “eater of raw meat.” Marathon is the name of the runner who won an endurance running in ancient Olympics
  Taliskar was built before Kerning City
  South Royal Road only spawns monsters at Level 9 and below
  The language most used in terms of population is English
  The Transparency Badge makes your weapon invisible
  Mozart didn’t compose a single opera
  Shih Tzu is a Korean dog breed
  The Statue of Liberty holds a torch in her left hand and the Declaration of Independence in her right
  Mechanical is one of the three forms of power as described in Alvin Toffler’s Powershift
  The creature featured in the movie Jaws is a rabbit
  In “The Lion King,” Simba’s uncle is the older brother named Mufasa
  Spain’s capital is Madrid, and Canada’s capital is Toronto
  Decibel is a unit to measure the intensity of pollution
  You can create UGC items that look just like the costumes of your favorite animated characters


This is certainly not the end for this cheat sheet! More questions and their answers will be logged as I keep getting tossed into rounds. It’s just one of the many small things that make MapleStory 2 so fun.

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