MapleStory’s Monster Life Video Walkthrough

Oh gosh, they are too cute, I'm gonna die.

Oh gosh, they are too cute, I'm gonna die.
MapleStory has released a new video explaining all the pleasures of Monster Life.

If you don’t know what it is, Monster Life is an online farm in MapleStory where you can grow your own monsters. It’s pretty adorable, like most of MapleStory. By participating in the farm you can earn some pretty cool rewards. Even though you can only have one farm per character, each character can have its own farm.

So how do you create you own farm?

Get your farm

First, in the menu, click the visit farm button. Then you can name your farm whatever you want – oh the possibilities. After this you can upload a profile picture so that you can interact with other members of MapleStory. You can even customize the farms. In the Monster Life Shop, you can purchase buildings, expand your farm, change backgrounds and much more. This is all with the special Monster Life currency, Waru, which you obtain through farming. You can also use gems to buy special content only available for purchase with gems.


After you post a profile picture, you’ll be taken through a tutorial that will eventually give you your first monster. From then on you can start taming monsters by visiting the Monster Life Shop and purchasing Monster Boxes.

There are more than 600 hundred monsters for you to chose from. You can either purchase them through the Monster Life Shop, or combine two monsters. Combining monsters is the only way to create new and original monsters. With this ability, think of all the cool monsters you can come up with! Using your monster dictionary will help you discover all the various combinations available.

The only downside is that you can only have 28 monsters per farm. That seems a bit limiting.  Although, if you release monsters, you’ll a Waru refund so you aren’t losing out too much.


Leveling can be achieved through making purchases with Waru and gaining Decor points. The higher your level, the more you can buy in the Monster Life Shop. Just think about all the cute stuff you’ll be getting by the time you max out at level 40.

Your monsters can also make it to level 40 by taking care of them. The higher they get, the more likely they will be able to help boost your character in the game. Certain monsters will boost certain classes, so be on the look out for which monster will help you out the most.

I suggest that everyone interested in Monster Life check out the video and experience the Monster Life farm for yourself.

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