Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam Expert Challenges Guide

This guide has everything you need to know about expert challenges in Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam!

This guide has everything you need to know about expert challenges in Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam!

Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam has challenges you can complete in battle and mini-games. These challenges can get tricky but give you points to buy unique gear. As you go through the game, you will unlock more challenges. So, if you are early in the game and don’t see all of these, don’t stress out about it too much.

I’ll help by explaining the different types of challenges, as well as the rewards you get from completing them. Check out my Beginner Tips and tricks for help with anything else in the game.

This guide will go over everything about Expert Challenges in Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam including:

  • Expert Challenges Basics – What they are and how to see them.
  • Expert Challenges Rewards – What you can buy with the points you get from Expert Challenges.
  • Expert Challenges Examples – Some examples of the types of challenges you’ll see in each category.

Expert Challenges Basics

Expert Challenges involve battles in some way are are divided into 3 categories:

  • Attack – Attacking the enemy in some way.
  • Dodge – Dodging or countering the enemy.
  • Special – General category for several things like Trio attacks, Battle Ring, or using items.

When you complete one of these challenges, you get challenge points. You can use these points for special gear only available in the  for challenge points, more on that in a bit.

The challenges can only be completed once, so be careful about spending those points! There are plenty of challenges, though, so you can buy a piece of gear or two if you manage to get a lot at the beginning.

We recommend waiting to spend challenge points until you can get one of the more expensive items.

You can view these challenges in battle by tapping the star icon on the bottom-left of the touch screen. You can also view them anytime you aren’t in battle by selecting guide from the menu, then Expert Challenges.

Expert Challenges Rewards

You can buy special pieces of gear, such as boots, hammers, or extras, with the challenge points you earn. You can view and buy these rewards from any shop that sells gear (look for the overalls icon on a building). When you buy from the shop, select the Redeem Points icon at the bottom to bring up the rewards. Below is a list of the rewards you can buy.

Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam challenge reward shop
Expert Challenges Shop
  • Challenge Wear (Costs 100 points) – Increase your DEF based on your Expert Challenge success rate.
  • Challenge Boots (Costs 100 points) – Increase your striking power based on your Expert Challenge success rate.
  • Copy Bangle (Costs 150 points) – Gives you 1 copy before you choose an action.
  • Metal Gloves (Costs 150 points) – Raises DEF.
  • Bold Heart (Costs 150 points) – Automatically uses Emergency Block when you receive damage for not dodging.
  • SPEED Gloves (Costs 150 points) – Increase your SPEED by 10%.
  • Strike Gloves (Costs 250 points) – Preemptive strikes deal 50% more damage than usual.
  • 1-Up Gloves (Costs 600 points) – Automatically use a 1-Up Mushroom if another character in your party gets KO’d.
  • Master Gloves (Costs 750 points) – Give back the BP you used if your Bros. Attack is Excellent.
  • Trio Ring (Costs 900 points) – Reduces BP consumption by 50%.
  • POW Scarf DX (Costs 1150 points) – Increase your POW by 20%.

Expert Challenges Examples

Below are a few examples of the types of challenges you’ll see in each category, along with how many points they give.

  • Excellent Paper Jump (5 points) – With max copies, get an Excellent with Paper Mario’s Jump attack.
  • Expert Fire Flower (15 points) – Get 5 Excellents in a row with the Fire Flower Bros. Attack.
  • Excellent Trio Request (5 points) – Get an Excellent with the Trio Racquet Trio Attack.
  • Dodge Master (25 points) – Dodge enemy attacks 200 times.

Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam Dodge master challenge

  • Counterattack Enthusiast (35 points) – Defeat 200 enemies with counterattacks.
  • Paper Ninji Dodge (5 points) – Dodge 5 Paper Ninji attacks in a row.
  • Hardworking Bros. (70 points) – Use Bros. Attacks 150 times.
  • Card Master (240 points) – Use battle cards 150 times.
  • Paper Petey Piranha S Rating (180 points) – Get an S Rating with Paper Petey Piranha in the Battle Ring.
  • Trio Racquet S Rating (60 points) – Get an S Rating on Trio Racquet in Attackathon.

That’s all for the Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam Expert Challenges guide. Let me know if you have any questions!

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