Mario Golf World Tour Guide: Approach Tips

Want to get closer to the pin during your approach? Then, check out this guide for Mario Golf World Tour!

Want to get closer to the pin during your approach? Then, check out this guide for Mario Golf World Tour!

Mastering approach in Mario Gold World Tour is important. Putting gets you to the end, but a nice approach will make it easier to putt. Driving is also important, but in my opinion easier because it takes less precision. 

Castle Club is a great mode to improve your approach game, and complete some challenges for coins while you’re at it. In case you don’t know, an approach is when you get close enough to get on the green so you can putt. The closer you get to the pin during an approach, the better.

This skill is tricky at times and requires practice, skill, and mastering the spin. Being able to gauge accurately where the ball will be, helps a lot as well. I’ll help you better your approach skill to make it easier to sink the ball in one putt when you’re on the green.

This guide will cover tips on the approach including:

  • Basic Approach Tips – Where to aim and how weather/slopes affect your shots.
  • Art of Spinning – Mastering topspin and backspin during your approach.
Basic Approach Tips

Nice Approach! Excellent! Isn’t it great when you hear this after getting on the green? I’ll help you hear it every time you approach.

  • First, look at your shot’s arc in the white arrows. This tells you where the ball will land.
  • The yellow marker on the ground shows where you ball will end up if you match the yellow marker on your shot bar.
  • It is important to not that this is before you take wind, slope, and spin into account.

Aiming for the pin

Your goal is to have the yellow marker as close to the hole as possible, the make sure you hit as close to that marker as possible.

  • Line up the shot and make sure there are no obstacles in your way.

Slopes are rude

A slope can really mess up your day. Blue arrows point up means there is an uphill slope, red down arrows means downhill, and green left or right arrows means side.

  • The higher the number, the more it affects your ball roll.
  • For uphill slopes you have to pay closer attention. Hit the ball harder than you would normally.
  • Downhill slopes need less power. Be careful on these because you can easily roll off the green. Hit the ball softer than you would normally.
  • Side slopes don’t affect your approach much, but still pay attention to it.

Mother Nature’s fury

Wind is very important to your approach, especially fast winds

  • For tailwinds, your ball will go farther than normal, hit the ball softer.
  • For headwinds, your ball won’t go as far as it would normally. You have to hit it harder than normally.
  • Winds blowing to the side at all are the one’s you really have to watch for. Aim to the opposite side of the wind to end up where you want to land.

Watching where the wind is and the slope at the same time perfects your approach.

The wind blows it farther, but there is also a significant uphill slope. Hitting where the marker is will be fine.

Art of Spinning

Topspin and backspin affect approach more than driving. You can only use spins during manual shot mode. 

There are four types of spins, topspin, backspin, super topspin, and super backspin.

Pressing the “A” button twice when you hit the ball does a top spins, pressing “B” twice does a backspin, pressing “A”, then “B”, does super topspin, and “B”, then “A”, does super backspin.

Topspin pushes the ball a little farther. Backspin stops th ball from rolling too far or rolls it back. The super versions make it go forward or back even more.

  • For uphill slopes and headwinds, using a topspin gets you the extra push you need to get closer to the pin. For intense winds and slopes, use super topspin.
  • For downhill slopes and tailwinds, the backspin will save you. This is most useful for stopping the ball from rolling after landing on the green.
  • You can even use a super backspin to roll back towards the hole if you pass it.

Knowing when to use a spin, and the right one, puts the last touches on mastering the approach.

That’s it for approach tips, check out my putting tips if you want help after getting on the green. If you have any questions, or approach tips of your own, let me know in the comments!

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