The best Rosalina build turns the keeper of the stars into an unstoppable force on the opponent's goal.

Mario Strikers Battle League: Best Rosalina Build

The best Rosalina build turns the keeper of the stars into an unstoppable force on the opponent's goal.
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The best Rosalina build in Mario Strikers: Battle League takes a character who’s already an excellent shooter, and smoothes out some of her rougher edges to make her excel at trick shots and keeping the ball out of the other team’s possession.

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Building Rosalina at her best means sacrificing a few less important stats along the way. However, if you make up for it with the right team build, then you’ll barely notice it.

Best Equipment for Rosalina in Mario Strikers


As with any other character build, the important thing to remember is that you want to play to their existing strengths and tweak the stats that fall just short of where you want them to be. Rosalina, for example, excels at shooting and is slightly less than stellar when it comes to technique and passing. Her speed is atrocious, and her strength isn’t the best. 

Strength isn’t a huge deal for Rosalina – or most characters, for that matter – since charged tackles can send even Bowser flying. Since Rosalina is already so slow, you’d be wasting a lot of potential by boosting her speed stat to acceptable levels and using most of your equipment slots to do it.

The main Rosalina stats you want to focus on are shooting and technique, with passing as a close third. Ideally, you want to wait until Rosalina is in position, pass her the ball, and then let her loose with a perfect shot.

Alternatively, with a boost in passing, you could rely on more combo shots, passing the ball back and forth and then letting Rosalina kick the final shot.

The best equipment for this Rosalina build would be:

  • Chain Helmet
  • Cannon Plate
  • Chain Boots
  • Trick Gloves

You could swap in Muscle Chest or Turbo Boots if you’re concerned about her strength and speed being too low. They decrease her shooting stat, but it’s so high, it can deal with a slight ding anyway.

Just make sure to compensate for Rosalina’s shortcomings with the remainder of your team. There are, as of launch, rather few characters to choose from, but you’d do well to put at least one all-rounder and one speedy character with Rosalina, such as Mario and Toad. Peach makes a good fourth, unless you prefer having a heavy hitter on side as well.

That’s all you need to know about the best Rosalina build in Mario Strikers Battle League, but make sure to check out our other Mario Strikers Battle League guides for more tips and tricks.

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