Wondering how to find DNA chests in Marvel's Avengers? This guide tells you how to just that, as well as how to farm DNA keys.

Marvel’s Avengers Guide: How to Unlock DNA Chests

Wondering how to find DNA chests in Marvel's Avengers? This guide tells you how to just that, as well as how to farm DNA keys.
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Marvel’s Avengers is built around the core concept of loot. No matter what mission you undertake, strongboxes play a big role in each. These chests contain new epic, legendary, and exotic gear that will (hopefully) level up your hero. One of the many strongboxes you’ll come across are DNA chests.

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When you first inspect DNA chests, they’re seemingly locked. Marvel’s Avengers is pretty nebulous about what you actually need to do to unlock these chests since accessing them is the best way to grab the highest tier gear.

This guide will go over how to get DNA keys, how to unlock DNA chests, and where to chests if you’re having trouble pinpointing their locations. 

How to Unlock DNA Chests in Marvel’s Avengers

It’s important to know that unlocking DNA chests is a hard feat unless you’re already in Avenger‘s endgame. Unlocking DNA chests requires DNA, and getting DNA is no easy task.

How to get DNA

To get DNA, you need to defeat a human boss. This means villains like:

  • Taskmaster
  • Monica Rappaccini

Other bosses such as Abomination, Warbot, and Warship will not give you DNA.

Farm DNA Keys through Villain Sector Missions

To replay past boss fights, you must take on Villain Sector missions. These can be obtained from Faction Coordinators on the Chimera or the Ant Hill, so be sure to obtain both for two chances to gain the DNA keys.

Alisande Morales giving a villain sector mission called Tame the Titan.

Where to find DNA chests in Marvel’s Avengers

For the most part, the spawn rate for DNA chests is random, and they can mostly be found around many of the open environments in Marvel’s Avengers.

Vault Missions

For a guaranteed DNA chest (and a SHIELD Cache), be sure to complete Vault Missions after the main campaign. Vault Missions will task you with unlocking a vault, which can be fairly challenging. You’ll need to input codes, defeat multiple waves of enemies, and survive, so having a strong team is advised. But inside, you’ll find high-level goodies to help power up your heroes.

Doing Vault Missions is a sure-fire way to grab DNA chests and some of the best gear in the game. For more on Marvel’s Avengers, including our guide on Synthoids and how to find Sidney Levine, visit our tips page here.

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