Struggling to find Prime Synthroids in Marvel's Avengers? Then this guide is here to help ease the grind.

Marvel’s Avengers Guide: Prime Synthoid Locations

Struggling to find Prime Synthroids in Marvel's Avengers? Then this guide is here to help ease the grind.
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If you’re reaching the end of the campaign in Marvel’s Avengers, then Prime Senthoids are most likely the bane of your existence. For those that are unversed and without spoiling too much, before the final mission of Marvel’s Avengers, you will need to find a lot of Synthoids to craft new outfits for your heroes. And we’re here to help you find their locations. 

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Finding Synthoids is a roadblock and can leave many scratching their heads. They’re needed to craft the outfits needed to continue. Annoyingly, it takes a mixture of patience and luck to find them, with a tiny bit of grinding added to the mix.

This guide will ease some of the pressure and make the quest for Synthoids a tiny bit easier to accomplish.

What are Prime Synthoids?

Menu showing discovered synthoids, highlighting the prime adept synthoid.

Prime Synthoids are enemies that need to be defeated to gain Energy Amplifier loot drops. The mission for the outfits will require you to find Memory Chips, Optic Decoders, and Energy Amplifiers. While the others are quite easy to find, Energy Amplifiers are specifically tied to Prime Synthoids

Prime Synthoids are robotic enemies, equipped with staffs that can shoot powerful elemental attacks. They are also very rare and finding them can make the quest longer than it needs to be.

Prime Synthoid Locations

To easily find Prime Synthoids, you’re going to want to replay the “Our Town” mission. By this point in the Avengers campaign, you will have the mission unlocked, and it can be found in the Utah Badlands.

The mission has AIM performing experiments on civilians and will have you and your team battling hordes of robots. One of the rare enemy spawns is the Prime Synthoids and by eliminating them, you run the chance of being able to obtain some Energy Amplifiers.

Another viable mission for Prime Synthoids is “Communication Nexus,” which can also be found in the Utah Badlands. Here you will encounter numerous enemies, and again, the Prime Synthoids are one of them.

There’s no easier way of obtaining all the necessary materials other than constantly chasing after the same enemy mob. That’s pretty much it for Prime Synthoids in Marvel’s Avengers. Be sure to check GameSkinny for more Marvel’s Avengers guides, including how to find the factions vender Sidney Levine!

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