Obtain the abilities of the Words of Power by collecting all four Moon Seals in Marvel's Midnight Suns using our guide.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns: All Moon Seal Locations

Obtain the abilities of the Words of Power by collecting all four Moon Seals in Marvel's Midnight Suns using our guide.

It is impossible to traverse the entirety of the Abbey in Marvel’s Midnight Suns without the four Words of Power. Players can obtain these abilities once they collect all four Moon Seals.

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Our guide will provide you with all Moon Seal locations in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, including tips and exact spots on the map.

Moon Seal Location #1

You can get the first Moon Seal as soon as level one. You need to speak to Agatha at the location indicated on the map above, north of the first Blood Gate, and complete the Trial of Oshtur. It’s a simple task, which requires you to defeat a number of weak mobs.

After that, you will be rewarded with the first Moon Seal, which you can place at the Agatha’s altar and receive the first Word of Power: Open. This Word of Power is very important, as it grants you the ability to unlock new areas on the map.

Moon Seal Location #2

In order to get the second Moon Seal players need to come back to Agatha when they reach level eight. She will give you an Arcane Key and ask you to collect four elemental rods. You can use our guide on how to find all elemental rods in Marvel’s Midnight Suns right here.

You need to bring the four rods to Agatha and place them on the elemental altar. Once this is done, the second gate will open in the eastern part of the map, which is indicated on the map above. That’s where the Trial of Atum begins.

Once you defeat the group of Lilin demons, you will be rewarded with the second Moon Seal and the Word of Power: Reveal.

Moon Seal Location #3

Hiram Shaw’s Church Location

Once you reach level 12 go to Hiram Shaw’s Church located in the northeastern part of the Abbey area, which is indicated on the map above.

Enter the church by using Word of Power: Reveal on the back door. Although it will seem that you can enter it, the red glyph will prevent you from doing so. Go back to the Abbey and speak to Dr. Strange about this. He will contact you again later, but before that you will need to speak to Agatha at her altar.

When Dr. Strange tells you that the glyph has been removed, you will be able to enter the Hiram Shaw’s Church. Once you enter the church use Word of Power: Reveal to unlock three pieces of parchment with Stained Soil locations, which you must collect.

Stained Soil Location #1

The first blood-soaked soil sample can be found inside the cave north of the Stone Terrace indicated on the map above.

Stained Soil Location #2

The second soil sample can be discovered inside another cave to the south of Stone Terrace.

Stained Soil Location #3

The third and final soil sample can be inspected at the witch’s warren in the western part of the Abbey area north of Whispering Woods.

Once you have all three soil samples, go back to the Hiram Shaw’s Church, and approach the hanging tree. Use Word of Power: Reveal and begin the Trial of Hyppus. Once you defeat all the enemies, you will be rewarded with the third Moon Seal and Word of Power: Purify.

Moon Seal Location #4

The final Moon Seal can be obtained once you reach level 16. This seal is broken into three fragments, which need to be collected in order to create the fourth Moon Seal.

You need to speak to Agatha at the Lilith’s Garden, and follow the instructions on how to obtain these three fragments.

Moon Fragment Location #1

The first fragment can be found at the end of the round walkway on top of the cliff in the Garden of Envy. You will have to use Word of Power: Purify to remove the obstacle on your way there.

Moon Fragment Location #2

The second fragment can be found inside a cave with a spiral walkway in the north of Garden of Envy.

Moon Fragment Location #3

The third and final seal fragment can be taken out of the cliffside above a small graveyard east of Garden of Envy.

Agatha’s Cottage Location

When you have all three seal fragments, go back to Agatha in the greenhouse. After you speak to her, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Agatha’s Cottage in the northeast of the map.
  2. Pick up a Mysterious Flower from the floor.
  3. Bring the flower to the Agatha in the Abbey’s library.
  4. Watch her restore the final Moon Seal.
  5. Go back to Lilith’s Garden.
  6. Cross the bridge to start the Trial of Set.
  7. Finish the trial and receive the Word of Power: Break.

Now you will possess all four Words of Power that will allow you to freely traverse the world map.

Those are all Moon Seal locations in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. For more Marvel’s Midnight Suns tips and tricks articles, please visit our dedicated hub page.

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