You can tackle the Mass Effect 2 Forged ID quest in several ways. Here's each branch for Found Forged ID and False Positive, plus what you'll get.

Mass Effect 2 Forged ID: How to Complete Found Forged ID & False Positive

You can tackle the Mass Effect 2 Forged ID quest in several ways. Here's each branch for Found Forged ID and False Positive, plus what you'll get.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is full of quests with branching paths. Many of these can be a bit difficult to figure out, and the Mass Effect 2 Forged ID quest is one of them. While the rewards aren’t anything to initiate an intergalactic call home about, you get a chance to earn multiple points toward your chosen morality, which is handy later in the game and in Mass Effect 3.

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In this Mass Effect Legendary Edition guide, we’ll show exactly how to make the most of the Mass Effect 2 Forged ID mission, including each of the outcomes for Found Forged ID and False Positive. 

Mass Effect 2 Forged ID Quest

You can complete the Mass Effect Forged ID mission two ways, but it starts the same either way. During Garrus’ loyalty mission, you’ll find the ID cards in the final hangar where the YMIR robots attack you. Picking them up starts the mission Citadel: Found Forged ID.

You can’t do anything with them yet, though. You’ll need to finish Thane’s loyalty mission first.

Once that’s done, head to C-Sec headquarters on the Citadel and, with your back facing C-Sec, turn left. Take the path down a staircase, and you’ll see two Asari on a sofa. Speak with them to advance the mission.

You can give them the ID cards immediately to end the mission and get five Renegade points, but it’s worth taking the longer route.

Choose to investigate the issue, and the Asari direct you back to C-Sec. Speak with the customs official and, if your Paragon or Renegade meter is high enough, you can charm or intimidate the official into letting the Asari leave. This earns you five points toward whichever morality you used.

Go back to the Asari. If you’re playing Paragon Shepard, you can tell them the official changed their mind and earn two more Paragon points. This changes the mission to Citadel: False Positives, but the rewards are the same.

If you want Renegade Shepard, you can hand the cards over anyway and get the original five Renegade points, plus the small XP and Credit rewards.

Alternatively, if you complete Thane’s mission before Garrus’, you can skip the Forged ID part of the quest, talk to the Asari, then convince the customs official.

Either way, it’s worth doing. Some key moments in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 hinge on your Paragon or Renegade percentage meters being as high as possible, a feat you can only accomplish by engaging in as many morality-based choices or quests as possible.

That’s all you need to know about the Mass Effect 2 Forged ID mission and the Found Forged ID and False Positive branches, but be sure to check out our other Mass Effect Legendary Edition guides for more tips.

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