Become the first line of defense with this Biotic Assassin build for Mass Effect Andromeda!

Mass Effect Andromeda: Biotic Assassin Skills and Build Guide

Become the first line of defense with this Biotic Assassin build for Mass Effect Andromeda!
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Mass Effect Andromeda gives you many options on how to build your character. Want to go in guns blazing and use grenades like a soldier? Go ahead. Want to stay back and snipe, or combine different Biotics for combos? That’s fine by us. Maybe you want to try something different and mix certain abilities? You can do that too.

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I call this build Biotic Assassin. It involves using Tactical Cloak to strengthen Charge and Melee attacks — as well as Singularity to prime for detonations. I’ll go over each ability I use in this build, as well as the weapons, armor and squad I usually have.

Biotic Assassin Skills and Profile in Mass Effect Andromeda

This is called Biotic Assassin because I use cloak to sneak up on enemies and do extra damage, but it also focuses on 2 biotic abilities. The Vanguard Profile is the best to use because of the extra melee damage and shields it provides.

  • Singularity: Deploys a gravity well at the location that primes enemies for combo detonations — and lifts and damages unshielded/unarmored enemies.
    • This ability is mostly just here to setup detonations. It works well with Charge and can be detonated more than once.
  • Charge: This biotic ability makes you warp to an enemy with a strong attack. It restores 50% shields and detonated combos.
    • This can be upgraded to increase gun and melee damage for 3 seconds after charging.
    • It can also be upgraded to provide damage resistance for 5 seconds after and fully restore shields.

mass effect andromeda charge skill

  • Tactical Cloak: This makes you invisible for a short time and increases the damage of your next gun, melee, or power attack.
    • You can upgrade this to give a bigger damage increase, and keep the bonuses for 2 seconds after attacking.
    • This allows you to Charge while cloaked, and get another melee attack in for big damage bursts.
  • Team Support: This is a passive Tech skill tree that gives shields, regenerations, and damage resistances. 
  • Auxiliary Systems: This is a passive Tech skill tree that I just use for the longer Tech skill durations. 
  • Barrier: This is a passive Biotic skill tree that increases max shields and reduces Health/Shield regenerations delay.
    • You can also upgrade to give shields back after a Biotic kill.
  • Offensive Biotics: This is a passive skill tree that gives biotic damage, recharge speed, and detonation bonuses.
    • This is great for using Singularity more often and detonating it with Charge.
    • It also can be upgraded to provide a weapon and melee damage bonus for 3 seconds after using a Biotic ability.
  • Containment: This Biotic passive skill tree increases the duration of Biotic powers and damage against shields.
    • I mostly use this to keep Singularity up longer.
  • Combat Tools: This is a Combat passive skill tree that I use to increase melee damage and damage resistance when evading.
    • I also use the last upgrade that gives a stacking melee damage buff for each melee hit and kill.
  • Combat Fitness: This passive skill tree increases max health, shields, and regeneration.
    • It can also be upgraded to provide more equipped weapon slots for a total of 4. It will also increase max weapon weight capacity so you can carry more/heavier guns without affecting recharge times as much.

My typical fights start with throwing Singularity to set up a detonation. Then, I use Cloak before Charge, and finish with a melee. Tactical Cloak, Charge, and the Offensive Biotics passive gives a huge melee damage increase.

You can also Charge before using cloak, then quickly Cloak to get 2 melee hits in.


Vanguard is the best and only profile if you want to do as much melee damage as you can. If the melee damage isn’t as big of a deal, Sentinel also works well because of the Tech Armor damage reduction.

Vanguard gives melee damage bonuses, reduces Biotic recharge speed, increases max shields, and makes your melee attacks restore shields. This has great synergy with Charge and melee attacks, and you should be able to keep your shields up most of the time.

Check out my guide to profiles and bonuses in Mass Effect Andromeda for more info, or if you think another Profile would work well.

Weapons, Armor, and Squad


I usually have a variety of weapons — shotgun, pistol, and sniper — just because you can do that without reducing recharge speeds by much if you take the Combat Fitness passive. 

I usually don’t use them much, as I often Charge, cloak, and melee to take down most enemies. Shotguns are great to use because you will be close-range a lot, and can mod them to increase melee damage.

I am currently using the Kett Vakarsh, which does decent melee damage and causes extra Burn damage per second. An Asari Sword would also be good because of the high damage and teleport it gives you — or a fast melee weapon to stack the bonus faster.


mass effect andromeda remnant armor

There are a few options, but I like the Remnant Armor the most for this build. The Remnant Armor gives damage resistance, health and shield regeneration, and reduces the health and shield regeneration delay. Since you will be in melee a lot and taking more damage, this is great.


I use different squad mates from time to time, but someone that can prime or detonate biotic combos can give you an extra increase, such as Cora or Peebee.

That’s all for my Biotic Assassin build for Mass Effect Andromeda. Let me know if you have any questions!

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