Mass Effect Andromeda Guide: Profile Bonuses

Want to know what each profile does in Mass Effect Andromeda? Then check out this guide!

Mass Effect Andromeda has abandoned traditional classes and opted for a more flexible "Profile" system instead. Each Profile gives stat bonuses and at least one Profile-specific ability, such as a Combat Drone for the Engineer profile.

Each of these Profiles also requires you to put skill points in one or more of the three main areas -- Combat, Tech, or Biotic -- to unlock them. You will be able to save multiple Profile loadouts to switch between at anytime, even in battle.

I'm going to list all seven available profiles in Mass Effect Andromeda, what they do, and how to unlock them. These are all the base values, but you can level up each profile to increase the bonuses.

Profile Bonuses and Passives in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Below is a list of every profile, what bonuses they give, and the passives. Keep in mind that the Profile Abilities are literally passive effects and not skills that you turn on. 

Tech Armor for example used to be a skill. Now it is a passive effect that happens when you play Sentinel. You don't turn it on and there is no ability to map for you to use.


  • How to Unlock: Requires 6 skill points in Combat
    • +10% Weapon Damage
    • +10% Weapon Accuracy
    • +2 Damage Reduction
    • +10% Weapon Clip Size

Profile Ability

  • Marksman's Focus: Grants an escalating damage bonus for every target killed within a short time.


  • How to Unlock: Requires 6 skill points in Tech
    • +20% All Combo Damage
    • +20% Tech Construct Health
    • +20% Tech Construct Health Regeneration
    • +20% Tech Construct Damage
    • 20% Tech Restoration and Defense

Profile Ability

  • Combat Drone: A small drone that improves recharge rate for tech powers and self-destructs with an EMP pulse if enemies get close. The improved recharge rate is lost after destruction.


  • How to Unlock: Requires 6 skill points in Biotics
    • +15% Biotic Force
    • +15% Biotic Area of Effect Damage
    • +15% Biotic Area of Effect Radius
    • +20% Biotic Effect Duration
    • +20% Biotic Combo Radius

Profile Ability

  • Biotic Echoes: Biotic combos can set off additional explosions on each enemy they touch.
  • Biotic Jump and Evades: Instead of a jump-jet, use biotics to jump and evade.

mass effect andromeda adept profile


  • How to Unlock: Requires 3 skill points in Combat and 3 skill points in Tech
    • +20% Weapon Accuracy
    • +20% Weapon Stability
    • +20% Tech Recharge Speed
    • +10% Weapon Headshot/Weak Point Bonus

Profile Ability

  • Battlefield Awareness: Observe enemies through walls when using a scope.
  • Cloak Evades: While evading, a brief cloaking device is activated


  • How to Unlock: Requires 3 skill points in Combat and 3 skill points in Biotics
    • +20% Melee Damage
    • +50% Melee Force
    • +10% Biotic Recharge Speed
    • +20% Power Shield Cost Reduction
    • +10% Max Shields

Profile Ability

  • Siphoning Strikes: Melee attacks restore shields.
  • Biotic Jumps and Evades: Instead of a jump-jet, use biotics to jump and evade.


  • How to Unlock: Requires 3 skill points in Tech and 3 skill points in Biotics
    • +15% All Combo Damage
    • +10% Tech Recharge Speed
    • +20% Power Shield Cost Reduction
    • +20% Power Restoration and Defense

Profile Ability

  • Tech Armor: Absorbs a significant amount of damage that gets past shields.


  • How to Unlock: Requires 2 skill points in Combat, 2 skill points in Tech, and 2 skill points in Biotics
    • +5% Weapon Damage
    • +5 Damage Resistance
    • +15% Tech Recharge Speed
    • +15% Biotic Power Damage
    • +15% Power Restoration and Defense

Profile Ability

  • Biotic Blink: Evades allow you to quickly traverse a short distance, even seemingly passing through solid matter.

mass effect andromeda profile favorites

Remember, you will be able to save up to 4 Profile "Favorites". These are loadouts that include your equipped skills and Profile at the time you save it. This way you can save multiple types of playstyles, and load them in the middle of combat for a variety.

That's all of the info and base stats of all seven profiles in Mass Effect Andromeda. I will update each profile with higher values once I level them up to give you an idea of the progression you should expect.

Let me know if you have any questions or build ideas based on this info!

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Published Mar. 16th 2017

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