These are the best traps in Meet Your Maker for building the deadliest bases.

Meet Your Maker: Best Traps Guide

These are the best traps in Meet Your Maker for building the deadliest bases.

The best traps in Meet Your Maker spell certain death for raiders. These death-dealing devices are the most important aspect of an outpost because they rack up kills and help you get accolades. In turn, you increase your base Prestige. If you don’t know where to begin with this essential base-building mechanic, this guide covers the best traps in the game. 

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Meet Your Maker Traps Explained

Traps in Meet You Maker come in two main variants:

  • Single-use traps
  • Multi-use traps

Due to the game’s structure and one-hit deaths, the single-use kind isn’t that dangerous. Players can accidentally set them off without getting hit, rendering them useless from that point forward.

While mods can be placed on traps such as the Boltshot to add an extra use, multi-use traps are generally the most dangerous tools in the game.

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Best Traps in Meet Your Maker

The multi-use traps in Meet Your Maker include:

  • Death Piston: This block generates a piston that shoots outward at set intervals, destroying anything it touches. The Death Piston continues to activate indefinitely until it is destroyed. 
  • Incinerator: This block spews a wall of fire a fairly great distance as long as the target is within activation range. The Incinerator activates until it is destroyed. 
  • Plasma Sentinel: This block shoots a plasma ball with a large damage radius that sticks around for a period of time after making contact with any surface. The Plasma Sentinel fires continuously until it is destroyed. 
  • Iron Claw: The Iron Claw latches onto targets within range, pulling them toward the block’s position. The Iron Claw can be activated until it is destroyed. 

The use cases for the Death Piston, Incinerator, and Plasma Sentinel are pretty straightforward. In the case of the Iron Claw, which doesn’t deal direct damage, a bit more creativity is required to make it a force to be reckoned with.

Ideally, the Iron Claw is perfectly paired with a single-use trap nearby, such as a Boltshot, Impaler, or Bomb Ejector. Multiple single-use traps within the area of activation are perfect pairings for the Iron Claw. 

List of Additional Traps and Their Effects

  • Boltshot: Single-use block that fires a volley of projectile bolts.
  • Bomb Ejector: Releases multiple bouncing bombs that explode after the timer expires.
  • Corrosive Cube: This cube cannot be destroyed, meanwhile killing any target that steps in its path.
  • Holocube: Hologram that looks like a bedrock block, which disappears when a player approaches its activation range. 
  • Impaler: Spikes shoot out from the block’s surface, impaling anything within range. 

Those are the best traps in Meet Your Maker. With a better understanding of the game’s traps, you can now use that knowledge to create deadly outposts. It’s integral to the Prestige system, outlined in our guide here

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