Use these tips to make the most of your PvP raiding in Meet Your Maker.

Meet Your Maker: PvP and Base Raiding Tips and Tricks Guide

Use these tips to make the most of your PvP raiding in Meet Your Maker.

Meet Your Maker has a lot of mechanics that can seem a little confusing at first, especially in its PvP and raiding portions. Death comes for all raiders but there are some tips and tricks you can employ to stay alive longer and gather more resources for your own Outposts and upgrades. 

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Tricks for Raiding Bases in Meet Your Maker

Raiding bases is an integral part of Meet Your Maker. You’ll have made your own outposts and created a death trap to kill raiders, and while your base is putting in passive work, you’ll have to actively raid bases created by other players. Master these tips and tricks below to handle most obstacles in your path — coming away with the GenMat. 

Sometimes It’s Best to Go Backward, Not Forward

It’s a given that you’ll die plenty of times when raiding bases in PvP. But on an initial run, it’s sometimes a good idea to go backward when you hear an audio queue for a trap or guard — or you see the red markers at the edges of your screen. After all, you know what’s behind you but not always what’s ahead. 

While dashing forward to get away from a projectile or trap can be good, you also run the risk of running into another enemy or trap. 

With a Spike Drive, which is a speed-boosting consumable item, you can blaze through most traps while avoiding them. By the time they go off, you’re gone.

However, there are many times when bases have traps that only appear after collecting the GenMat and initiating a second phase, so be wary of that as well on your way to the extraction point. Again, sometimes going backward here, too, will keep you alive.

Peek Around Corners

This ties into the last point nicely. If slow and steady is your style — which it should be on an initial run — you can peek around corners, activating some traps or aggroing some guards.

Take the Bolt Trap, for example. It’s not one of the best Traps in Meet Your Maker, but it can kill you in an instant. To avoid it, you can peek around a corner to activate the Trap, then step back quickly to let the bolts fly past. Peeking might keep you alive for a bit longer or even help you make it through the outpost unscathed on a first run.

Parry Projectiles from Traps and Guards

Believe it or not, you can parry with your melee weapon! With a well-timed swing of your melee weapon, you can cancel things like shots from guards, arrows, and even bombs.

Parry timing is a little tricky, but it’s all about making the swing count. Wait until the object is right in front of you before you swing. It’s a little risky, but the payoff is extra XP for a deflection and a cool moment you can look back on. Plus, you’re not dead. 

Utilize the Grappling Hook

The Grappling Hook is available at the start of Meet Your Maker and is crucial to surviving. There’s a lot that can be done with the Grappling Hook. You can:

  • Move around bases quickly (best done on subsequent runs!)
  • Reach high places to avoid attacks and traps, or to find additional entry points on top of or throughout an Outpost
  • Grab precious ammo from far-away traps
  • Rush to enemies to strike first or perform a quick melee attack
  • Easily get The Floor Is Lava trophy or achievement

You can even use the grappling hook to negate some traps like the Grappler Traps. If one latches onto you, you can grapple to get away.

One of the best parts about the Grappling Hook is that you can even pass through one Corrosive Block with a well-placed Hook. Just make sure there isn’t anything to block you on the other side — or you’re toast.

Buy Advisor Boosts and Items

Each Advisor provides unique gear and items to help you when raiding Outposts in PvP. Prosarmogi’s boost, for example, can help you see some of the traps in an Outpost. If you’d like to increase the drop-rate of parts, use the Spoils of War boost.

Advisors even offer consumable items like Grenades and the Flash Barrier, which is a shield that will protect you from traps for a short time. In short, be sure to visit Advisors as you collect more resources and currency to see what they have for sale. Likewise, don’t forget to upgrade Advisors! 

Bring a Friend on the Raid in Co-Op

Half of Meet Your Maker is PvP-focused, but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. If you and a friend are playing on the same gaming platform, co-op multiplayer is available for raiding, too.

Best thing is, rewards and resources are given to each of you equally. Though you both have to take the GenMat and escape, that also means you both get even amounts of resources and XP when completing the raid. On top of that, if one of you dies, the other can revive you. Well, unless you both perish.

Don’t Shoot the Harvester

The Harvester is the harmless robot hobbling back and forth in every Outpost. The Harvester can lead you directly to the Genmat, since its sole purpose is to transport the stuff from the source to the beginning of the level. Knowing this is especially useful for stages that are wild and maze-like.

Just be careful as you go through a base because just like you, the Harvester dies in one hit. Builders often put traps on the Harvester path, so be careful as you follow it. If you lose sight of the harvester, don’t rush ahead and leave yourself open to traps. The Harvester will soon make its way back down your path again.

But if you kill it, you’ll have to find the GenMat yourself, which can be dangerous business.

Now get out there and gather precious materials using these PvP raiding tips and tricks for Meet Your Maker. If you’re looking for more help with the game, head over to our Meet Your Maker guides page.

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