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Metal Gear Solid Thermal Goggles Location

Here's where to find the thermal goggles early on in Metal Gear Solid.

You need to pick up the Thermal Goggles to progress in the original MGS. But finding it could be tricky. Here’s where you can find the thermal goggles in Metal Gear Solid.

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How to Find the Thermal Goggles in Metal Gear Solid

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First things first, when you get to the stage early on at the Heliport, you must collect the SOCOM pistol from the truck just north of the helipad itself. If you don’t, the area where you collect the thermal goggles will instead have the SOCOM.

Once you’ve infiltrated the tank hangar, go to the second floor and head to the southeast section. There, you will find an open door to the room where there thermal goggles are located. But be careful as you will have to avoid the view of two security cameras: one in the hall, and one in the room itself.

I always grab the Thermal Goggles early on to save time backtracking. It will help in sections where navigating infrared lasers that trigger explosives without needing to whip out Snake’s cigarettes which offer little help (and also take a bit out of his health). Most importantly, having the thermal goggles will prove invaluable during the boss battle with Sniper Wolf later in the game.

This is where to find the thermal goggles in Metal Gear Solid. For more help with Metal Gear Solid, check out our piece on what codec frequency is on the back of the game’s CD case.

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