Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Cassette Guide & Silent Hills PT Easter Egg

Get locations for all collectible cassette tapes in MGSV: Phantom Pain

Get locations for all collectible cassette tapes in MGSV: Phantom Pain
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Cassette tapes are a special collectible of Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain. They can either give you new or old information, and sometimes even music. These can be found throughout the world in various hidden locations.

Be warned: There are spoilers ahead.

Afghan Lullaby

Place: Wakh Sind Barracks – Mission 5
Location: In the basement of an incomplete building near the target.

All the Sun Touches

Place: Munoko ya Nioka Station
Location: The green tents to the south near the enemies. It’s the tent that’s the most open and more canopy-like; follow the sound.

Behind the Drapery – Ludvig Forssell

Place: Da Wialo Kallai 
Location: South region of the base in a heavily guarded building (Mission Objective for Mission 1 is here also). It’s in the room below the M.O.

Dancing with Tears in my Eyes – Ultravox

Place: Ditadi Abandoned Village
Location: Under a canopy by a rocky peak

Dormant Stream

Place: Smasei Fort
Location: Western Guard Station

The Final Countdown – Europe

Place: Sakhra Ee Village
Location: The small building just to the west at its front door.

Friday I’m in Love – The Cure

Place: Lufwa Valley
Location: Inside the mansion. Go to the back room to the right.

Gloria – Laura Branigan

Place: Nova Braga Airport
Location: In the eastern-most building

Heavens Divide – Donna Burkes

Place: Mission 30
Location: Near the elevator before you fight Skull Face

How ‘Bout Them Zombies, Ey?

Place: Bwala ya Masa
Location: The building to the east

Kids in America – Kim Wilde

Place: Da Shago Kallai main camp
Location: Near the Spetsnaz commander’s post.

Koi no Yoku Shiryoku (Love Deterrence) – Nana Mizuki

Place: Da Ghwandai Khar
Location: Go to the building where you saved a friend at the beginning of the game. Go to the room in which he was held captive.

Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division

Place: Afghanistan Central Base Camp
Location: In one of the green tents at the edge of the camp

Man Eater – Hall & Oates

Place: Lamar Khaate Palace
In the tent in front of the palace

The Man Who Sold the World – Ultravox & Midge Ure

It is given to you automatically for completing the prologue.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Theme – Akihiro Honda

Place: Quarantine Platform – Mission 43
In the platform’s basement

Midnight Mirage

Place: Bampeve Plantation
Location: In the building to the north of the area.


Place: Serak Power Plant
Location: In the building to the far north.

Only Time Will Tell – Asia

Place: Eastern Communications Post – C2W Mission
Location: Inside the communications building

Phantom Pain – Ludvig Forssell

Place: Wakh Sind Barracks 
Location: Eastern end of the barracks where you find several small houses. It’s in the 4th one furthest from the rest of the base.

Planet Scape

Place: Sakhra Ee Village
Location: In the southern guard station

Quiet Life – Japan

Place: Mfinda Oilfield
Locations: In a building at the far southeast end

Quiet’s Theme – Stefanie Joosten

Place: Mission 45
Location: Follow the footprints to get the cut scene and it’s automatic.

Rebel Yell – Billy Idol

Place: Mountain Relay Base
Location: Under a tent west of the bridge

Ride a White Horse – Laid Back

Place: Lamar Khaate Palace
Location:  Inside the north guard station

She Blinded Me with Science – Thomas Dolby

Place: Near Shin Basin
Location: On the road between Da Wialo Kallai and Da Ghwandai Khar, in the security outpost.

Sins of the Father – Donna Burke

Place: Mission 30
Location: It’s given to you for finishing the mission.

Snake Eater – Cynthia Harrell

Place: Munoko ya Nioka Station
Location: In the western guard station

Take on Me – A-Ha

Place: Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost
Location: In the first floor of a heavily guarded building to the south of the base.

Take the D.W.

Place: Smasei Fort
Location: Inside an open tent used for communications.

The Tangerine

Place: Shago Village
Location: In the east guard station

Too Shy – Kajagoogoo

Place: Kiziba Camp
Location: In a tent next to an anti-air radar installation

True – Spandau Ballet

Place: Kungenga Mine
Location: In a building near a pile of lumber with a rotating satellite on the roof to the east.

You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) – Dead or Alive

Place: Lufwa Valley
Location: In the northern guard station

204863 – PT Easter Egg

Place: Kungenga Mine
Location: Southwest guard post

And there it is: the complete list of available collectible tracks. Several are already available for your helicopter that are not included in this list. For more audio fun in MGSV, you can also create a custom playlist for your iDroid.

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