Minecraft Armadillo Comparison: What Does it Look Like Before and After Snapshot 24w03a?

The Armadillo mob has seen some changes in Minecraft. Here's how the old compares with the new in Snapshot 24w03a.

Two Armadillos with the updated design.
Image via Xbox Game Studios
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Not long since its introduction, some notable adjustments have been made to the Minecraft Armadillo mob. If you’re curious what the differences are, they’re substantial. Let’s compare it before and after Snapshot 24w03a.

How did the Minecraft Armadillo Change Before and After Snapshot 24w03a?

What Did Armadillos Look Like Before Snapshot 24w03a in Minecraft?

A Minecraft player surrounded by a Wolf and four Armadillos with the old design.
Image via Xbox Game Studios

This adorable passive mob won the Minecraft Live 2023 Mob Vote. It first appeared in snapshot 23w51a on December 18, 2023, and only spawned in Savannas. The mob also routinely dropped Armadillo Scutes (used for Wolf Armor) when a player brushed them. It rolled into its shell if it was startled — and straight into our hearts. For the most part.

Its inclusion was appreciated from a gameplay standpoint, but not everybody enjoyed the Armadillo’s design. Its front-facing eyes contrasted with its concept art and early models, as well as the real-life animal. While it was easy to identify it, this small but crucial change made a lot of difference for fans.

What do Armadillos Look Like After Snapshot 24w03a?

A group of Armadillos with the updated design in the Badlands Biome.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

The Minecraft Snapshot 24w03a snapshot adds some substantial changes to the Armadillo mob. From a gameplay standpoint, they now chase away Spiders and Cave Spiders, similarly to Wolves scaring away Skeletons. It also spawns in the Badlands biome too, making it more likely for you to come across them.

The new Armadillo’s design has caught the most attention. Most of its body has seen some small texture color changes, sporting a slightly lighter look. The most notable difference is that the eyes are now on the sides of the face, as most people wanted. Feedback on the updated design has, unsurprisingly, been positive. Even though I’m more excited for the gameplay changes, I can’t deny I find them even cuter now.

That covers the Minecraft Armadillo Comparison before and after Snapshot 24w03a. If you’d like to know what else has changed in the latest testing version of the game, we broke down the 24w03a patch notes. Check out our MC guides for all other current and upcoming content for your cubic adventures.

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