Minecraft: 10 Best Music Discs Ranked

Here are the 10 best music discs in Minecraft, as well as tips on how to find them all.

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Our guide will list the 10 best music discs in Minecraft and provide you with tips on how to get them all. Currently, there are only 16 music discs to find in Minecraft, but not all of them are worth getting unless you’re an absolute competionist. Some of the earlier discs are just noises without much music but, fortunately, there are some really cool tunes to be found.

10 Best Music Discs Ranked in Minecraft

10. C418 – Strad (3:08)

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Strad is definitely one of the most unique music discs in Minecraft‘s catalog, as it uses such instruments as steel drums, woodwinds, tribal percussion, and soft synths. It has a strong tropical feel to it, which is so fitting for any survival game on an island.

9. C418 – Stal (2:30)

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How about some jazz? It’s a classic tune with some fantastic instrumentation that many jazz enthusiasts will surely enjoy. Stal has been in Minecraft since the beta days, and it still stands strong as one of the finest music discs in the game. Both Strad and Stal can be dropped only by Creeper mobs.

8. C418 – Chirp (3:05)

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Do you like bossa nova? Chirp does bossa nova in a way that resembles the 70s radio tunes playing somewhere in the background of an old grocery store. It’s very relaxing and has a tint of nostalgia. I understand that new players may not find it terribly enticing, but for all Minecraft oldtimers, this disc has a special place in their collections. Just like most old-school discs, Chirp drops only from Creeper mobs.

7. Lena Raine – Otherside (3:15)

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This is an example of a music disc trying to emulate classic Super Nintendo-era game soundtracks. Otherside has a very uplifting melody, although it’s not as original-sounding as a few other tunes that I’ve listed below. I still like to play it specifically for those grace notes that come at the end of the track. You can find this disc inside chests in Dungeons, Ancient Cities, and Strongholds.

6. C418 – Far (2:54)

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From a composition standpoint, Far is definitely a top-tier tune. Its ethereal quality is super immersive, and you just want to listen to it to the very end. Far is very relaxing, just like the entire Volume Beta soundtrack compilation, where it was first included in 2013. This disc can be dropped by the Creeper mob killed by either a Stray or a Skeleton.

5. Samuel Aberg – Five (2:58)

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Five is one of the newest music discs in the game that was added during the Wild Update in 2022. It’s not exactly a music disc but a collection of noises, just like discs 11 and 13. But unlike those two discs, which I honestly believe to be completely unlistenable, disc 5 has a simply outstanding sound design. This is also the only disc you can get by combining 9 Disc Fragments, which can be found in the suspicious gravel of the Trail Ruins.

4. C418 – Ward (4:11)

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Ward is a weird one, using the melody from Frederic Chopin’s “Funeral March.” But it gets better the more you listen to it, as the dark melody really fits the nighttime mood of Minecraft. It’s also reminiscent of all the Super Nintendo-era adventure game soundtracks like Castlevania and Ghouls ‘n Ghosts. This one you can also get only from Creepers killed by Skeleton mobs.

3. C418 – Mellohi (1:36)

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Mellohi is short but sweet! It was released during the Beta Test in 2013 and made so many fans of Minecraft happy with its little melody based on the classic Mellotron synthesizer. This music disc is a lot rarer than most other discs, but you can still find it inside the Buried Treasure chests with an 18.9% chance.

2. C418 – Cat (3:05)

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Cat is a track with legendary status, as that’s where the music of Minecraft began. It was released during the Alpha Test in 2011 and still remains one of the most charming tunes in the game. This is also one of the most frequently encountered music discs, with over a 20% chance. They typically spawn inside Dungeons, Ancient Cities, and Woodland Mansions.

1. Lena Raine – Pigstep (2:28)

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Pigstep was released during the Nether Update in 2020 and quickly became the most popular music disc in Minecraft. The track utilizes intense dubstep beats with some creative radio samples, which make up a fantastic dance number. You can find this disc only inside one of the Bastion Remnant chests, with a 5.6% chance.

Those are the 10 best music discs in Minecraft. Be sure to check out the rest of the Minecraft tips and tricks articles on our dedicated hub page.

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