Minecraft Dungeons Best Weapons Tier List Guide

This tier list will help you find all the top-tier melee and ranged weapons in Minecraft Dungeons.

This tier list will help you find all the top-tier melee and ranged weapons in Minecraft Dungeons.

There’s a weapon for everyone in Minecraft Dungeons, but the best stand above the rest as rare unique equipment.

Unique weapons are especially hard to find in any game, much less Minecraft Dungeons, but they are almost always well-worth the effort.

In this guide we are going to go over the best weapons in the game sorted by their strength. We’ll also be going into where you can find each of these weapons to use them yourself and we will be recommending enchantments to make the most of them.


Tier-S Weapons

Elite Power Bow

  • Damage: 107-213
  • Effects:
    • Strong Charged Attacks
    • Greater Damage

If you’re looking to smash mobs from a distance in one hit, then seek out this insane bow at either Fiery Forge or Highblock Hills.

On its own this bow has all the damage in the world, but if you add Rapid Fire and Piercing enchantments to it, then it will gain even greater speed and damage power.

Another effective enchantment is Ricochet, which would allow your arrows to kill more than one mob at a time. In combination with its deadly power, this bow will easily become your most valuable weapon.

Dark Katana

  • Damage: 121-178
  • Effects: Extra damage to undead

This unique blade has been designed specifically to kill zombie mobs. But it is just as good against all other types of enemies.

If you empower it with the Chains and Gravity enchantments, then you will be able to swing through multiple enemies at a time. Taking into account its enormous base damage, hordes of zombies will die instantly.

Look out for Dark Katana in the secret chests of the Creepy Crypt or Creeper Woods locations.

Frost Scythe

  • Damage: 78
  • Effects:
    • +2 Soul Gathering
    • Slows mobs

The base damage on Frost Scythe may be low, but if you take into account its Soul Gathering ability, then you can use it to fuel its power. The more souls you gather, the bigger damage it deals.

The Shockwave enchantment is the best choice for this scythe, which works like an AoE. Now you will be able to deal with an entire horde of enemies instead of taking them out one by one.

This rare weapon can be found inside chests located in the Pumpkin Pastures or Desert Temple.

Tier-A Weapons

Guardian Bow

  • Damage: 66-199
  • Effects:
    • Strong Charged Attacks
    • Super Charged Arrows

If you can’t find an Elite Power Bow, then this would be the best alternative. You need to search for Guardian Bow in Pumpkin Pastures or Cacti Canyon locations.

It basically has the same stats and effects as the Elite Power Bow. The only difference is that this bow has a slightly lower base damage.

In addition to Piercing and Rapid Fire enchantments you can add Supercharge, which makes all its charged arrows deal even more damage.


  • Damage: 66-199
  • Effects:
    • Burns mobs
    • Spin attack move

This one-handed axe has become a favorite of many players in a rather short period of time due to its stacked power and fire damage, which literally sets mobs on fire.

Firebrand’s speed can be increased significantly using the Rampaging enchantment, which works in synergy with the Spin Attack ability.

This axe can be found in the Creeper Woods or Highblock Hills.

Hammer of Gravity

  • Damage: 86
  • Effects:
    • Great Splash
    • Pulls in enemies

The unique feature of this excellent hammer is the embedded gravity pull, which captures enemies like a magnet.

This means that you don’t have to move as much, and just use Chain enchantment to lock all mobs in the area and deal with them at once.

Hammer of Gravity usually drops at Fiery Forge or Obsidian Pinnacle.

Tier-B Weapons

Diamond Pickaxe

  • Damage: 82
  • Effects: Finds more emeralds

Although Diamond Pickaxe may not be the most powerful weapon in the game, it is actually the most important weapon since Emeralds are essential for survival.

You can increase its power with such enchantments like Smiting and Sharpness to give it that extra damage. When Emeralds start dropping like rain from the sky, you’ll know that this is the weapon you always wanted.

You can find Diamond Pickaxe in the Creeper Woods.

Sun’s Grace

  • Damage: 56-77
  • Effects: Heals all allies in the area

Minecraft Dungeons is not meant to be played alone, but with a bunch of friends in co-op online multiplayer.

This means that somebody ought to play the role of a healer in the party. If you like playing that kind of role, then Sun’s Grace will be your number one choice.

You don’t even have to fight enemies, just stand back and allow your stronger buddies do the job while you heal them up.

There is a chance that a blacksmith at the camp will craft it for you.

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