This Minecraft Legends complete unlockable Mounts guide shows you how to collect all three additional in-game mounts.

Minecraft Legends Complete Unlockable Mounts Guide

This Minecraft Legends complete unlockable Mounts guide shows you how to collect all three additional in-game mounts.

Though you start with the Horse Mount by default, Minecraft Legends features three more Mounts you can find and unlock: Big Beak, Brilliant Beetle, and Regal Tiger. Below, we’ll tell you where you can find each of them, share their strengths, and explain how to change steeds to give you the upper hand against the Piglin Horde. 

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How to Unlock All Mounts in MC Legends

Aside from the starting Horse Mount, there are three unlockable Mounts in Minecraft Legends. They can be found in specific biomes, but you won’t find them at specific locations within those biomes. Where Mounts appear is randomized based on your overworld.

As you get close to the location of a Mount you haven’t unlocked, a question mark will appear on your compass at the top of your screen. Go to that question mark to discover and unlock the Mount.

When the Mount is officially unlocked, the question mark turns into the head of the Mount, and the symbol for its location will also appear on your map.

How to Get the Horse Mount

  • Location: Unlocked automatically in the tutorial.
  • Special Abilities: Infinite Sprint.

The Horse Mount is unlocked by default and is the first steed you receive. Its ability is Infinite Sprint, which lets you run across the overworld quickly in the early game. Though it’s later surpassed by the Regal Tiger mount, its quickness mixed with Speed Wheat goes a long way. 

If you change to any of the Mounts below, you can find the Horse near repaired fountains and wells. 

How to Get the Big Beak Mount

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  • Location: Jagged Peaks Biome.
  • Special Abilities: High Jump, Decreased Fall Speed

You can find the Big Beak Mount in the Jagged Peaks Biome. For special abilities, the Big Beak Mount can perform the highest jump of all MC Legends Mounts, and the speed of your fall is decreased.

You can fall or jump from high locations without worrying about taking damage. This is useful in particularly mountainous biomes.

How to Get the Brilliant Beetle Mount

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  • Location: Jungle Biome
  • Special Abilities: Climb Over Obstacles/Walls, Decreased Fall Speed

You’ll find the Brilliant Beetle Mount in the Jungle Biome, and it’s perhaps the most useful Mount for attacking enemy bases. With the Brilliant Beetle Mount, you can climb over almost any obstacle that gets in your way.

You simply ride toward the obstacle, and the Brilliant Beetle will climb over it. This Mount can even climb over enemy walls, making it useful for getting inside a Piglin Outpost. Plus, it has a slow fall ability similar to the Big Beak Mount. The downside is that it’s the slowest of the four available Mounts.

How to Get the Regal Tiger Mount

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  • Location: Dry Savanna Biome
  • Special Abilities: Speed

The Regal Tiger is the fastest Mount in Minecraft Legends, which makes it a great choice to use when exploring the Overworld. You’ll find this Mount in the Dry Savanna biome.

How to Change Mounts in MC Legends

After you find each Mount for the first time, your map will update with a symbol for them. To change Mounts, simply visit the location and interact with the Mount when you find it. A prompt will appear when you’re close enough.  

And that’s how to find and unlock all of the Mounts in Minecraft Legends. Depending on the situation, some are certainly better than others in your campaign against the Piglin Army. Now that you can ride across the Overworld in style, check out more Minecraft Legends guides like how to fix the Connecting to Your Account Error or how to use each golem type.

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