How to make the most use out of the new Mud Bricks in Minecraft 1.19.

Minecraft: Mud Brick Crafting Guide

How to make the most use out of the new Mud Bricks in Minecraft 1.19.

The new Mangrove Swamp biome in Minecraft 1.19 brings lots with it, one of the least conspicuous being an abundance of of Mud Blocks that can be used to make Mud Bricks for building structures.

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There are currently three items you can craft with Mud Bricks, those being Mid Brick Slabs, Mud Brick Stairs, and Mud Brick Walls. First, you’ll have to craft the bricks themselves, and we’ll cover how to do just that in this guide.

You need to get your hands dirty and get Mud Blocks before you can make the bricks, and luckily there are two ways to do it.

How to Get Mud Blocks

There’s a ton of mud to be found in Mangrove Swamps, if you can find one. It’s easy enough to dig up barehanded or otherwise, and you can find plenty. But if you are unable to find a Mangrove Swamp and the messy dirt it consists of, you can instead make good use of some regular ol’ Dirt Blocks.

You can pour water on a Dirt Block using a Water Bottle to make it into a Mud Block. This may not be the most efficient option, but it’ll do in a pinch.

Make Packed Mud

The next step on this crafting journey is to make Packed Mud. You can make Packed Mud by combining one Mud with one Wheat.

It takes four Packed Mud at once to craft four Mud Bricks.

From here, you can finally make one of the three Mud structures available. The output on these is not as equal as the recipe for making the bricks themselves. Here are the three things you can make with Mud Bricks as of Minecraft 1.19:

  • 6 Mud Brick Slabs require 3 Packed Mud.
  • 4 Mud Brick Stairs require 6 Packed Mud.
  • 6 Mud Brick Walls require 6 Packed Mud.

Alternatively, you can use a Stonecutter to only use one brick per stair or wall, or one brick for two slabs. The difference is only significant for the stairs, so either method will do.

That’s all you need to know about making and using Mud Bricks in Minecraft 1.19. We’ve got a slew of other Minecraft content here on GameSkinny, check out our Minecraft seed lists and Minecraft guides.

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