Mini DayZ Beginner’s Guide to Survival

Mini DayZ is a sized-down version of Bohemia Interactive's survival shooter, and this guide will show you how to make it through your first playthrough!

It seems like so long ago, but before there was PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, we had DayZ. As a game that has been in the early access stage on Steam for years now, it emerged as the first massively popular apocalypse-esque survival shooter. It’s like Left4Dead mixed with a bit of Realm of the Mad God.

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While DayZ is a bit of an afterthought in the wake of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, I was extremely happy to see that this game was rehashed in 2D form! Mini DayZ is available through your browser or on your iOS or Android smartphone. It’s an official game from Bohemia Interactive, and it’s basically just a sized-down version of the original DayZ we all know and love. The browser version even has multiplayer capabilities.

In this guide, I want to introduce you to several tips that can help you survive through your first playthrough of Mini DayZ.

Use your map

While this seems like a no-brainer, using the map is especially important at the start of every new game. However, the local map is only available on the mobile versions of Mini DayZ. Browser players instead have to check out an external map that doesn’t show your current location.

As a mobile player, you’re going to want to check your map and figure out which direction is going to lead to a path of survivability. You can do this by making your way towards an area with the most buildings. Buildings will usually have items and food in them, and you’ll need those to progress and live on.

Let the map guide you and plan out an optimal route. You’re able to move around in game while the map is up.

Stack your items

Early on in the game, you’re going to run into a predicament if you’re a hoarder. You’re simply not going to have the storage space required for you to pick up and hold onto everything that you find, but there are many items in Mini DayZ that stack at different stack counts.

Items with a gray bar and a number over the bottom of its icon can be stacked. Items like bandages, ammunition, and flares can be stacked. Flares can be stacked in stacks of five, but the stack size depends on what item you’re using. Either way, stacking items is clearly more efficient when it comes to managing your storage space.

Annoyingly enough, the game won’t automatically stack your items for you. You’ll need to open your inventory and drag your items into each other until they stack. It’s not exactly a tough task, but it can be repetitive and annoying after a while.

Know when to run

You’ll start out in Mini DayZ unarmed, and you’ll probably come across a few zombies before you pick up your first weapon. It’s not worth it to fight them by fist.

You risk using a lot of blood or even getting infected. The only reason you should ever be fighting a zombie is if you’re left with the choice of fighting them or losing blood. It’s a game of resource management, and you have to consider if the blood you’ll lose is really worth the ammunition you’ll lose to kill them. In that case, it’s worth it to put those zombies down. The best thing to do is run though.

To get a zombie off of you, just continue running and go around structures in game. The zombies move in straight paths so you’ll eventually lose them or they’ll get stuck.

Stand still while shooting

As is with most shooters, your accuracy is going to be greatly improved while standing still. Moving while aiming at a zombie will cause your crosshair to turn red, meaning that there’s a high chance that you’ll miss your shot. As you come to a still position, it’ll slowly turn green again. A green crosshair means there’s a very high chance to hit your shot.

Rather than running and shooting, spend time running until you’ve gotten to a position far enough away to where you can stand still for a few moments without the zombie it into melee range of you. Then, shoot your shot.

Watch your hunger and thirst levels

Staying well-nourished is not only important, it’s mandatory. The only way to directly recover blood that you’ve lost in Mini DayZ is picking up a blood pack. However, blood packs are one of the more rare drops in the game.

You can passively regenerate blood by eating and drinking and having your food and water meters at high levels. The regeneration isn’t fast, but it’s enough to keep you surviving and in the game.

Choose perks based on your situation

You’re not guaranteed to survive forever, so as you progress and get the option to unlock perks it’s important to select ones that cater to your current needs. Do you have weapons? The +3 bullets perk may be correct for you. You don’t? Maybe +10% speed is better.

One of the best overall perks is decreased hunger and thirst, so if you’re in a well-rounded game where you’ve got yourself a weapon and things seem to be going smoothly then that’s the route that I suggest. Remember, pick the perk that best suits your situation and not the one that sounds the most overpowered.

Build your base

Building a base is an end-game objective in Mini DayZ. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Civilian tent: very rare as a drop but essential
  • Fireplace: a source of light and place to cook
  • Planting tool: pitchfork, pickaxe, or shovel (used for farming)
  • Fencing: can be crafted (or you can get barbed wire at military locations)

The civilian tent allows you to store items and the others allow you to farm, cook, and protect your base from zombies. The tent and planting tools are found as drops. To craft a fireplace, you need a wood pile + rags/papers/wood stick. To craft fencing, you need 1 wood pile + 5 wood sticks.

Having a base will give you a small area of the map where you can reliably survive and have somewhere to eat and stay protected.


Mini DayZ puts a fun, retro-like spin in one of the pioneers in zombie survival games. Hopefully the tips above helped you out, and if you’d like to share more or ask any questions then feel free to do so in the comments below!

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