Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Guide: Charge Blade Tips and Combos

Want to get better at using the Charge Blade and combos with it? Then, check out my guide to get you started on mastering the weapon.

The Charge Blade in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is similar to the Switch Axe, but it also has a giant shield. You can guard and do more combos with the Charge Blade as well. Mastering it is harder than the Switch Axe, but so satisfying when you do.

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This is a newer weapon and even veterans of the series might need tips on using it. I’ll help you by explaining the basics of using each of this weapon’s modes and tips to get better at using it. Be sure to visit my Guide Directory for more Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate guides.

This guide will go over using the Charge Blade including:

  • Basic Controls – Basics on how the weapon works.
  • Sword and Shield Mode – Tips and combos while in Sword and Shield mode.
  • Axe Mode – Tips and combos while in Axe Mode.
  • Extra Tips – Mastering combat with the Charge Blade.

Basic Controls

Sword and Shield
  • It has a standard 3-hit combo with X that ends with a spin slash.
    • The second strike is an upward strike that reaches far above you. 
  • Hold A to do the signature Charge Strike. Release it to attack.
  • Press X + A to do the Shield Thrust. This thrusts the shield up towards the enemy.
  • Hold R to block with the shield.
    • This is not as good as a Lance or Gunlance shield, but it works.
  • Press R + X to switch to Axe mode.
  • Pressing X while standing still does an upward strike.
    • Pressing X again does an overhead slash.
  • Forward + X does a slam attack, the same attack you do when switching to the axe.
  •  Press A twice to do a 2-hit combo. It is a chop into a huge swing.
    • Pressing A one more time does the Amped Elemental Discharge (AED) which strikes hard and goes back into Sword and Shield mode after it is done.
      • You can also press X + A while standing still in Axe mode, or after a guard or shield thrust in Sword and Shield mode, to do this attack.
  • Press R to change back to Sword and Shield mode.

Sword and Shield Mode

  • The second move in the Sword combo (upward strike) can be done after any action.
    • These means after evade/roll, attacking, or guarding.
  • When doing the spin slash or switching to Axe, there is a moment where your character guards.
    • This will auto-block attacks. It does not work if you switch to Axe while already guarding.
    • You get the most time when switching to axe after an attack.
  • When using the Charge Strike, don’t release it to soon or late. It will cause your attack to be weak.
    • Release as soon as your sword fully reaches behind you and the yellow light stops.

This weapon also uses phials.

  • Impact – Adds stun and fixed damage.
  • Elemental – Adds elemental damage.

Hitting a monster with the sword puts energy in the phial.

  • It goes to yellow, then red, then overcharged.
  • Overcharged means your attacks will be deflected until you charge the phial. You’ll see “Charge” on your screen.
  • Press R + A while in Sword and Shield mode to charge it.
    • Charged phials are used for attacking in Axe Mode.

Axe Mode

  • Unlike the Switch Axe, the Charge Blade’s Axe Mode is very slow and not meant to be used by itself.
    • You are taking your huge shield and attaching it to your sword to form the axe, so it makes sense that it’s a little heavy.
  • You want to combo into it and use the AED often to get th most out of the Axe Mode.
  • When you have phials charged, each hit in axe mode does extra damage based on which phial your weapon uses.

Extra Tips

Charge Blade is all about the combos and switching between Sword and Shield and Axe mode.

  • It can combo for days and you’ll want to switch constantly. This takes practice.
    • You can also switch after any attack, or during a jump, so that makes it easier.
    • Try different combinations of Charged Strike, AED, switching, and normal combos to get a feel for the weapon’s combos.
  • You can press R while charging an AED to stop it and put all the energy into your shield.
    • This makes the shield as strong as a Lance or Gunlance and increases the damage of Axe attacks.
    • The more phials you have charged, the longer this mode lasts. You will know by the glowing shield icon on your screen, as well as your actual shield.
    • The color changes depending on how many phials you have charged.
  • While you have a boosted Shield/Axe you can do a Super AED.
    • This does an extra strong attack and creates a shockwave.
    • If you have any phials charged, Super AED uses them all and ends your boost.
    • You can hold back on the circle pad and press X to do a normal AED while in boost mode.
  • Practice the auto-block when switching to Axe.
    • Mastering this is key to becoming an expert at Charge Blade.

That’s all I have for Charge Blade tips and combos. Check out my Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Guide Directory for help with anything else. Leave a comment if you have a question or suggestion!

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