Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Guide: Dual Blades Tips

Check this guide out to get better at using the Dual Blades weapon in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

Dual Blades in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate are the fastest weapons in the game. Their attacks are weak, but you get two weapons and you attack very fast. This damage adds up and there is a new attack that makes Dual Blades even better.

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Even though the weapon is very fast, you still need to play defensively on some monsters. You have to chain more attacks and use more whetstone when using the Dual Blades.

I’ll go over the basics of the weapon and give some tips for getting better with the Dual Blades. Check out my Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Guide Directory for more weapon guides or anything else related to the game.

This guide will go over using the Dual Blades including:

  • Basic Controls – Basics of how the weapon works.
  • Demon Mode – What it is and how to use it effectively.
  • Extra Tips – Tips to master using the Dual Blades.

Basic Controls

  • Pressing X 3 times does the standard X combo, 3 hits. They all hit twice because you have a weapon in each hand.
    • The combo is a slash, spin slash, and end with an overhead slash.
  • Pressing A does a horizontal scissor strike, followed by a diagonal, whirling slash if pressed again.
    • By default this last slash goes to the right. If you press XAA you can move the direction to the left by pressing left on the circle pad after the first hit.
  • X + A does a forward lunge, the same as the draw attack when unsheathing your weapon.
  • R activates Demon Mode. This gives you more powerful attacks and fills up the Demon gauge.

Demon Mode (and Archdemon Mode)

The main force behind the Dual Blades is the Demon Mode. When you activate it, all your attacks get stronger and you gain some new ones. Your stamina gradually drains as long as Demon Mode is active.

A new attack that is extremely helpful is the Spinning Slash

  • Press A, then X to execute this attack. 
    • This attack spins you forward a good distance while doing great damage.
    • It is great for doing damage, staying on the monster, and getting out of some danger.

You also get access to the Blade Dance attack in Demon mode.

  • Pressing X + A in Demon mode activates an 11-hit combo. It is very fast, but you have to stand still while doing it.
  • The first and the last hits do the most damage, so make sure you can hit with all of them before doing it.
  • You cannot evade or cancel Blade Dance once you start.

Each attack in Demon Mode fills up your Demon gauge, the bar on top left, underneath your Sharpness bar. When you are not in Demon or Archdemon mode, the bar gradually decreases.

  • When the gauge fills completely, you enter Archdemon Mode.
    • This gives you even more power and attacks in while using Demon Mode.
    • The Spinning Slash and Blade Dance fill the gauge up faster than other attacks.

  • You also get access to the Spinning Slash even when you’re not in Demon mode, once Archdemon is activated.
    • You’ll notice it by the Demon gauge flashing and a red glow on your character.
    • When the gauge is fully depleted, you lose Archdemon mode and the ability to use Spinning Slash whenever you want.

Extra Tips

  • Once Archdemon mode is activated, you can press X + A when you’re not in Demon mode to use the Spinning Slash in addition to pressing A, then x.
  • Bring plenty of Energy Drinks/food and Whetstones.
    • Dual Blades eat through sharpness and the Demon Mode quickly drains your stamina.
  • Spinning Slash is your main attack. Use it all the time.
    • Get Archdemon quickly and spam that spinning slash.
    • When the demon is stunned or down from a mount, spam Blade Dance until it gets up.

That wraps up my tips on Dual Blades. Please visit my Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Guide Directory for more guides and tips for anything else related to the game.

Let me know if you have any questions, or tips of your own.

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