Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Guide: Lance Tips

Check this guide out to become a master of the weapon with the best shield in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

The Lance in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has simple attacks, but the best shield in the game (tied with Gunlance). You won’t be doing many flashy attacks, but you’ll be able to stay in a monster’s face and take hits like a boss.

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The Lance is a precision weapon and there are two different methods of using it, Guard Lancing and Evade Lancing. I’ll go over the basics, the difference between the two styles, and more.

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This guide will go over using the Lance including:

  • Basic Controls – The basics on using the Lance.
  • Guard Lancing vs. Evade Lancing – The difference between the two play styles.
  • Extra Tips – More tips to help master the Lance.

Basic Controls

The Lance is a very precise weapon, and that is shown in its combos. Everything comes in 3’s and you can mix and match almost anything in 3’s.

  • Press X to do a normal thrust attack.
    • You can do this up to 3 times for a combo.
  • Press A to do a high thrust attack.
    • This is the same as the normal thrust, but it hit towards the sky.
    • You can also do this up to 3 times for a combo.
    • Good for hitting monster heads or flying enemies.
  • Press X + A to do a swipe attack.
    • You can not do 3 of these for a combo like you can with the thrusts.
    • This is used more for smacking than damaging the monster.
  • Hold R to block with your shield.
    • You can move while holding you shield up.
    • If you stand still while guarding and press x, you will do a poke. You can not combo with this attack.
    • Press forward and X to rush forward. This lets you cover ground quickly, and block all attacks in front of you.
    • Press X again after the rush to do a shield strike. This does damage and can stun monsters if you hit their head enough times.
    • Press A while guarding to start a counter strike.
      • If you are hit from the front during this time, you’ll automatically counter.
      • Even if you don’t get hit, it will do an attack at the end.
  • Press B to evade.
    • This is more important for Lancers than most. 
    • You can evade up to 3 times just like the thrusts.
    • If you evade during or after a thrust combo, you can go right into the combo again.

Guard Lancing vs. Evade Lancing

There are two philosophies to using the Lance. One involves a lot of guarding, and the other involves a lot of evading.

Although both actions are used when Lancing, each style relies heavily on one more than the other.

Guard Lancing

This style revolves around using your shield. You will do a lot of counters, guard rushes, and blocking attacks.

  • This is my preferred style because I love the counter attacks and blocking all damage with my shield.
  • It is very important to get armor with the Guard skill on it.
    • This stops you from getting knocked back and taking damage while guarding.

Evade Lancing

This style uses the evade hops a lot and not so much guarding and countering.

  • Armor with the Evade skill is essential to this style.
    • This gives you a longer invincibility window while evading.

Extra Tips

  • You can use the counter strike in the middle of a combo by pressing R + A.
    • This is great when a monster is going to attack and you can’t finish the combo in time.
  • If you do the Guard Rush off a cliff, you’ll guard the whole way down.
    • This is great for keeping yourself safe while jumping off ledges.
  • Press R + X + A, or the special attack button on the touch screen, to charge.
    • Press X or A during the charge to stop with a thrust attack.
    • Press B to stop.
    • Press back and X to turn around and attack.
    • Press forward and B to jump during a charge. You’ll keep moving after the jump.
    • You can also press X during the jump to attack. This can also mount monsters. 

That’s it for my Lance tips. Feel free to visit my Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Guide Directory for more tips and guides.

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