Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Guide: Long Sword Tips

Want to feel like a Samurai in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate? Then, check out these Long Sword tips.

The Long Sword in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is a technical weapon. It is a Japanese Sword and has some pretty cool animations. While playing solo, you can swing away to your heart’s content. You have to be very careful in group play because you can trip your teammates very easily.

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Long Sword has some of the best evasion in the game, and I’ll help you understand how it works. I’ll go over the basics and the technical aspects of using the Long Sword.

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This guide will go over using the Long Sword including:

  • Basic Controls – Basics on how to use the Long Sword.
  • Spirit Blade – Explanation and tips on using Spirit Blade.
  • Extra Tips – More help to master the weapon.

Basic Controls

  • Pressing X does a downward slash.
    • Press again for a second slash, there is no 3rd hit.
  • Pressing A does a poke.
    • Press X after to do an upward strike, and then X again to do the downward slash.
    • You can also do the poke after any of the downward slash attacks.
  • Press X + A to do an Evade Slash.
    • This does a very wide slash and makes your character jump backward.
    • You can move the circle pad left or right to evade in one of those directions instead.
    • This can also be done after any attack.
    • Press R after an Evade Slash does a wide spinning slash. You can also change the direction of this attack with the circle pad.
    • Press X after the spinning slash to do an upward strike. You cannot combo after this one.
  • Press R to do the Spirit Blade attack.
    • You need energy to do more than the first hit. I’ll explain in the next section.

Spirit Blade

In order to do Spirit Blade attacks, you must fill up your Spirit Gauge.

  • You can fill up your Spirit Gauge by landing any normal attack on an enemy.
  • If you fill the bar up, it glows and gives an attack increase.
    • It also makes your attacks less likely to bounce off a monster.
    • The gauge gradually decreases if you don’t attack.
  • A full spirit blade combo is 4 attacks. Just press R when you have a near full Spirit Gauge.
    • The first 2 attacks are wide slashes.
    • The 3rd attack is 3 hits, 2 wide slashes, and a downward slash.
    • The last attack is a Spin Slash that sheathes your weapon at the end.
  • Landing the final hit of a spirit blade combo puts you at the next Spirit Gauge level.
    • There are 4 levels, the initial one, white, yellow, and red. The color of the gauge changes if you are successful.
    • Each level increases your damage, but red increases it by a lot.

Extra Tips

  • After doing an Evade Slash, press R to do the upward strike, and then again to start your Spirit Blade at the 3rd attack.
    • Obviously, you must have enough Spirit energy to do this.
  • You do more damage the closer you are to the enemy.
  • If you Press X before the 3rd Spirit Blade attack, you’ll do an upward strike.
    • This gives you more Spirit energy if you’re low to make sure you have enough to use the final Spirit Blade attack.
  • Be extremely aware of your teammates in group play.
    • There are many wide slashes and they all trip or knock down teammates, especially Lance or Gunlance users.
  • All Long Sword attacks get Super Armor, meaning you won’t be interrupted by wind or small attacks.
  • Master the Evade Slash.
    • Practice a lot with the positioning and evading left or right. This is crucial to mastering the weapon.

That wraps up my Long Sword tips for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Please visit my Guide Directory for more content.

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