Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: How to get Starter Pack and Equip Super Mario Gear

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has free DLC if you get the game before March 15th!

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate just released for the Nintendo 3DS and as a gift to everyone who buys the game, Capcom has some free DLC. There’s a patch available to everyone who buys the game between now and March 15th that gives a Starter PackWhat’s in the Starter Pack and how do you get it? Well, there are quite a few things to get you started and a surprise for Mario fans. 

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How to get the Starter Pack

You have to have Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and a save file with at least one hunter to get the starter pack.

  1. Go to the eShop and download Patch 1.1 for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.
  2. Start the game and go to your house.
  3. Talk to your housekeeper and select “Downloadable Content.”
  4. Select “Gift Area” and download the starter pack.
  5. Exit and go to your Item Box. Now you have the starter pack items.
Here is the list of items that come in the starter pack.
  • Mega Potion x50 – Restores a moderate amount of Health.
  • Honey x30 – Sweet, golden honey. High in nutritional value.
  • Well-done Steak x30- Provides a moderate boost to your stamina.
  • Mega Dash Juice x15 – Lets you run without tiring for longer than regular Dash Juice does.
  • Lifepowder x20- Medicine made from compounded Lifecrystals. Heals those within range with a single touch.
  • Max Potion x10 – Fully restores Health and maximizes the size of your Health Gauge.
  • Ancient Potion x5 – Fully restores Health and maximizes the size of your Health and Stamina Gauges.
  • Sonic Bomb x30 – A grenade-like item that emits a high-frequency blast of sound on detonation.
  • Flash Bomb x30 – Flashes brightly on impact. Toss this right under a monster’s nose to blind it.
  • Shock Trap x15 – A trap that immobilizes a target. Use it to capture monsters.
  • Pitfall Trap x15 – Trap for catching certain large monsters. It is tripped by a heavy weight.
  • Super Mushroom x6 – A red-capped mushroom with white spots. One bite makes you big and tough.

Just a note, the Super Mushroom is used for a specific set of gear, and you will need to keep all 6 (see below).

How to get the Super Mario Bros. Palico Gear

Those Super Mushrooms you get in the starter pack are some of the ingredients needed to craft either Mario or Luigi style gear for your Palico. You can only craft 1 set, so choose wisely. 

  1. Complete the first 2 quests from the Caraveener.
    • These require you to bring him a Steak, then a Mega Potion. You get these from the starter pack so you don’t need to go find them.
  2. Go to the Palico board and make sure your Palico is set to “Deploy.
  3. You’ll need a total of 1930 z, the currency in the game, and 6 Super Mushrooms.
    • 630 z for Large Barrels, 400 z and 2 Super Mushrooms for Head, 400 z and 2 Super Mushrooms for Chest, and 500 z and 2 Super Mushrooms for Weapon.
  4. Buy the 3 Large Barrels from the Val Harbor Market.
  5. Go to the Smithy, The Man, and select “Forge Palico Gear.
  6. Select weapon and choose Invincible Hammer.
  7. Select Head and choose Mario or Luigi Cap.
  8. Select Chest and choose Mario or Luigi Overalls.

After buying each item you can choose to equip it right there. If you do, your Palico will have the gear on as soon as you leave the shop.

If you choose not to equip it in the shop:
  • Go back to your house.
  • Go to the Palico Board.
  • Choose “Manage Equipment” and equip all the items.

You can have two Palicoes with you and there is still the other set of armor. Capcom said that they would release a DLC quest to craft the other set of armor at a later time.

Now you can enjoy a mini Mario or Luigi on your hunts. Just remember, you only have until March 15th to get the free starter pack and Palico gear.

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