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Monster Hunter Now: All Monsters List and How to Beat Them

Here's a complete list of all the monsters in Monster Hunter Now, including tips on how to beat them all.

There are 13 monsters to hunt in Monster Hunter Now, Niantic’s latest mobile title akin to Pokemon GO. Just like in the main games, these formidable beasts have weaknesses that can be exploited using particular types of weapons. Our guide will provide you with a complete list of all the monsters in Monster Hunter Now, including tips on their weaknesses.

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All Monsters List in Monster Hunter Now


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This brute wyvern monster is weak to Water damage since its main element is Fire. Here’s a list of weapons that I recommend using against Anjanath:

  • Jagras Blade
  • Jagras Hacker
  • Aqua Slasher
  • Water Golem

Target its membrane that extends from the waist to the base of its tail, as that’s what produces the heat and the bursts of fire. Once you beat this monster, it’ll drop:

  • Anjanath Scale
  • Anjanath Primescale
  • Anjanath Fang
  • Anjanath Tail
  • Anjanath Nosebone
  • Anjanath Plate
  • Wyvern Gem Shard


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Barroth can live in both Earth and Water areas, which makes him vulnerable to both Fire and Ice damage. These weapons will deal the most damage to it:

  • Freeze Blade
  • Frost Blaze
  • Glacial Shotel
  • Stealer

This creature often hides in the mud pools, so beware of this fact and hit its tail and back legs, as its front is highly impenetrable. Barroth usually drops:

  • Barroth Shell
  • Barroth Primeshell
  • Barroth Claw
  • Barroth Tail
  • Barroth Scalp
  • Barroth Ridge
  • Wyvern Gem Shard


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Diablos is a pure Earth monster who is really only weak to Ice weapons. Here are some excellent choices against this monster:

  • Glacial Grace
  • Rimespire
  • Snow Blitz
  • Frost Blitz

This monster uses its horns to attack unexpected hunters from the sand dunes, so focus your damage on its head and stay away from its tail. Diablos will drop the following items:

  • Diablos Shell
  • Diablos Fang
  • Diablos Tailcase
  • Diablos Ridge
  • Diablos Primeshell
  • Diablos Marrow
  • Wyvern Gem Shard

Great Girros

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Great Girros is one of the hardest monsters to beat due to its elemental neutrality. However, I discovered that Water and Ice weapons deal the most damage, such as:

  • Jyura Shotel
  • Dipterus
  • Jagras Edge
  • Jagras Garotte

Fangs are Girros’ biggest threat to hunters, but also its most valuable drop. If you can avoid its poisonous toxins, then target the head or simply hit its torso for some scale. Once dead, it’ll drop:

  • Great Girros Scale
  • Great Girros Primescale
  • Great Girros Fang
  • Great Girros Primefang
  • Great Girros Tail
  • Great Girros Hood
  • Wyvern Gem Shard

Great Jagras

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Although Great Jagras is another neutral monster, this beast is far more susceptible to Fire damage than Girros. That’s why I’d suggest the following weapons:

  • Flammenzahn
  • Flame Blade
  • Red Wing
  • Blazing Shotel

The best place to attack Jagras is behind its back, striking its tail and torso. Stay away from its maw as much as possible, as those bites can get really painful. Here’s what it drops:

  • Great Jagras Scale
  • Great Jagras Hide
  • Great Jagras Claw
  • Great Jagras Mane
  • Great Jagras Primescale
  • Fanged Wyvern Gem
  • Wyvern Gem Shard


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Jyuratodus can be most easily taken down with a powerful Lightning weapon. Here are a few really good options against it:

  • Thunder Blade
  • Lightning Punisher
  • Pulsar Shotel
  • Kadachi Fang

Once you encounter Jyuratodus, look out for its mud spits, which will restrict your movements and slow you down once caught in them. Stay behind its back and strike its torso with your blade until it drops:

  • Jyuratodus Shell
  • Jyuratodus Scale
  • Jyuratodus Fang
  • Jyuratodus Fin
  • Jyuratodus Primescale
  • Jyuratodus Primeshell
  • Wyvern Gem Shard


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Kulu-Ya-Ku is an extremely mobile monster with fast feet and feathered arms. Although it’s neutral, it can be easily defeated using a strong water weapon:

  • Aqua Messer
  • Rogue Wave
  • Aqua Hammer
  • Water Basher

This bird monster will throw rocks at you with its forelegs, so slash at them and the rest of the body. If you stay close enough, it won’t be able to do much. Once defeated, it’ll drop:

  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Scale
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Hide
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Beak
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Plume
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Primescale
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Primehide
  • Wyvern Gem Shard


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Legiana is a flying wyvern that resides in cold biomes and is thus highly vulnerable to Fire damage. Since it’s a flying creature, you’ll need a strong ranged weapon:

  • Blazing Bow
  • Anja Arch
  • Rathslinger
  • Blazing Rifle

Once you spot this flying beast in the air over the Raphinos swamps, stay away from its ice-cold breath, which will slow you down. Use your bow to target its wings that are most vulnerable. It usually drops:

  • Legiana Scale
  • Legiana Hide
  • Legiana Claw
  • Legiana Webbing
  • Legiana Primescale
  • Legiana Plate
  • Wyvern Gem Shard


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Paolomu is similar in design to Legiana, and it has the same elemental weaknesses. But I personally would use Thunder damage against it:

  • Thunder Blitz
  • Lightning Blitz
  • Pulsar Bow
  • Kadachi Strikebow

Try to stay away from its heavy tail strikes and wait for it to inhale air before releasing a powerful blow. Once it blows up, hit its pelt with your bow for maximum damage. Once defeated, it drops:

  • Paolumu Scale
  • Paolumu Pelt
  • Paolumu Webbing
  • Paolumu Shell
  • Paolumu Primescale
  • Paolumu Primeshell
  • Wyvern Gem Shard


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Pukei-pukei is another dangerous winged wyvern with a large poisonous tongue. Just like Paolumu, it’s highly susceptible to Lightning damage:

  • Thunder Blitz
  • Lightning Blitz
  • Pulsar Bow
  • Kadachi Strikebow

This monster’s tongue attacks are hard to dodge, so you’ll need to deal with the poison and paralysis status effects. When you have a chance, strike its wings and tongue. It usually drops:

  • Pukei-Pukei Scale
  • Pukei-Pukei Shell
  • Pukei-Pukei Tail
  • Pukei-Pukei Sac
  • Pukei-Pukei Quill
  • Pukei-Pukei Primescale
  • Wyvern Gem Shard


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Rathalos is a dangerous monster, and it can be killed primarily with Ice types of weapons:

  • Glacial Arrow
  • Snowfletcher
  • Snow Blitz
  • Frost Blitz

This flying wyvern has the ability to breathe fire, and its claws can strike hard. Its tail is a solid target, but if you can’t hit it, then opt for the wings. Rathalos drops:

  • Rathalos Scale
  • Rathalos Wingtalon
  • Rathalos Tail
  • Rathalos Marrow
  • Rathalos Primescale
  • Rathalos Plate
  • Wyvern Gem Shard


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Rathian is another powerful wyvern, but this time a solid Water weapon will do enough damage to put it down for good:

  • Madness Rifle
  • Jyura Bullet
  • Aqua Arrow
  • Water Shot

This is the female counterpart of Rathalos, and they can often be spotted together. Rathian uses her powerful, sweeping tail and strong claws to abduct hunters, so those should be your primary targets. Once you defeat Rathian, she’ll drop:

  • Rathalos Scale
  • Rathalos Wingtalon
  • Rathalos Tail
  • Rathalos Marrow
  • Rathalos Primescale
  • Rathalos Plate
  • Wyvern Gem Shard


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Tobi-Kadachi is a fanged wyvern incapable of flying, so you can use either a ranged or melee Water weapon against it, including:

  • Jagras Blitz
  • Jagras Fire
  • Wyvern Blade
  • Carapace Buster

This monster can quickly electrify its entire body, and once its hair stands on end, keep away from its head and tails. Use your fire weapon to deal damage to its membrane and electrodes. Once dead, it drops:

  • Tobi-Kadachi Scale
  • Tobi-Kadachi Claw
  • Tobi-Kadachi Pelt
  • Tobi-Kadachi Membrane
  • Tobi-Kadachi Primescale
  • Tobi-Kadachi Electrode
  • Wyvern Gem Shard

That’s it for our list of all monsters in Monster Hunter Now, including tips on how to beat them all. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks articles right here.

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