Here's how to add a Frost Sac or two to your stockpile most easily in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Frost Sac

Here's how to add a Frost Sac or two to your stockpile most easily in Monster Hunter Rise.

You won’t randomly come across Frost Sacs on your hunts in Monster Hunter Rise if you’re pushing through High Rank. The material is used in a variety of weapon recipes, but you’ll only be getting it from certain Low Rank monsters.

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Frost Sac is most used in the Barioth and Goss Harag weapon trees, with a few exceptions elsewhere. Considering its name and the weapons it’s most used to forge, what you need to farm a few should be no surprise.

How to Get Frost Sac in Monster Hunter Rise

The only two farming options for this crafting material are Barioth and Goss Harag, but you can’t farm them for it in High Rank. Instead, you have to slay the beasts in Low Rank to have a chance of adding Frost Sacs to your stockpiles.

So do you have a better chance of getting it if you carve or if you capture? The answer is.. carve! You have a higher chance of obtaining the material from both Barioth and Goss Harag by carving them rather than capturing. In addition, there’s a much higher chance of getting the material from Barioth than his hulking ice bear friend.

Carving a Low Rank Barioth grants a 20% chance to receive a Frost Sac, and an additional 16% chance to receive it as a quest reward if Barioth is the quest’s target monster.

One Low Rank village quest and one hub quest have Barioth as the target monster. These quests are:

  • Raging White-out (4-star Village quest).
  • White Knight vs. Hunter (3-star Hub quest).

For the highest chances of you getting Frost Sacs, you’ll want to take on one of these and carve rather than capture. It shouldn’t take too long, especially if you’re coming back to these quests from High Rank. Low Rank Barioth can be a little annoying, but higher-tier weapons make quick work of it.

That’s all you need to know about getting Frost Sacs in Monster Hunter Rise. Sunbreak brings with it a whole slew of other materials you’re going to have to farm for fun and forging, be sure to check out our host of Monster Hunter Rise guides encompassing the base game and expansion.

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