Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to Find the Monksnail

The mysterious Monksnail lives far out to sea, and only appears under specific circumstances. Here's how to catch a snapshot.

The mysterious Monksnail lives far out to sea, and only appears under specific circumstances. Here's how to catch a snapshot.

Early in the campaign of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, you’ll get a request from Flur the Sailor in the Elgado Docks called “Giant in the Frost Islands”. Your task is to photograph something called a Monksnail and return to Flur with the evidence.

As with most requests, it’s not as simple as going to the Islands and snapping a pick of an ordinary animal. This guide will explain how to find the Monksnail and all the details surrounding its appearance.

How to Find the Monksnail in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

The Monksnail is native to the ocean east of the Frost Islands and only shows up at night. Load into an Expedition quest, head to the map’s northeast corner, and jump onto the wrecked ship there. Climb into the crow’s nest for the best view.

Once you have your spot on the ship and can see into the eastern sea, you’ll need to wait. After a few minutes, you’ll hear a low, resounding roar. That sound is your cue to look out onto the ocean with your camera and wait another couple of minutes.

Eventually, the Monksnail will begin making its way from the southern mountains across the bay. It will look at first like a great black blob of goo with two ghostly eyes looking at you. Give it a chance to walk into full view, and you’ll see the blog is actually the Monksnail’s shell taking the appearance of an Umi-bozu yokai from Japanese folklore.

Take a picture of it when the orange quest star appears in the camera HUD to progress the request.

Once you’ve got your Monksnail Picture, head back to Elgado and talk to Flur again. Complete the delivery, and the Monksnail Hat Layered Armor will be added to your inventory.

Put on the hat using the Layered Armor settings at any Item Box.

Now you’re set up to wear a Monksnail on your head in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Wear it with pride. We’ve covered plenty of other Sunbreak topics, including how to find Purecrystal, increase your Master Rank fast, and start Follower Quests. Check out our Rise guides hub for all of that and more.

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