Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to Get Awegite

Be ready to craft some of the best early progression gear with this guide to Awegite ore in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Be ready to craft some of the best early progression gear with this guide to Awegite ore in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.
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Many early-game armor sets in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak use Awegite ore as a crafting component. That includes the Kamura Tree once you reach Master Rank. Awegite isn’t difficult to come by, but it’s not the most common material either. This guide will go over where to find it and a quick and easy way to farm it.

Where to Find Awegite Ore in Sunbreak

The ore you receive from Mining Outcrops is specific to the location you find them, and Awegite exists in an early-accessible area: the Shrine Ruins. It’s an uncommon drop whenever you mine, so don’t expect to be swimming in the stuff like you would be with Eltalite.

You can get Awegite from either blue or silver Mining Outcrops, and there doesn’t seem to be a real distinction between the two types in our testing. For that reason, farming Awegite means clearing the whole map of both variants of Mining Outcrops.

Where to Farm Awegite 

You’ll start by mining everything in the south and central sections of the Ruins.

  • There’s a blue Mining Outcrop just outside the first camp.
  • There’s another on the small crags in the northern portion of Zone 1.
  • There’s a third in the southwest part of the central mountains. 

Once you’ve collected from these, it’s on to all of the silver Outcroppings. All but one of the silver Mining Outcrops rest in the western section of the central mountains.

Comb the whole area up and down until all the gathering points are used up, then head to the small rocky platform in the westernmost portion of Zone 6 for the final silver Outcrop.

If you want to give all the Outcrops time to respawn, head to the top of the Ruins, starting with the mountain in the southeast of Zone 13. Go to the grassy path in Zone 12 and collect the blue Outcrop there, then the final one is off to the side of Zone 11. Fast travel back to camp and start the cycle over again, as everything should be respawned.

The Shrine Ruins will eventually have monsters of all levels as you advance in Master Rank, including some late-game monsters. If you’re quick about it, you’ll be able to farm some high-tier gear while collecting Awegite and other materials. You might not need it by that point, but there’s never a bad time to gather. For more, check out our MonHun Rise guides hub.

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