Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to Get Dragonbone Artifact

Farm yourself some Dragonbone Artifact with the tips in this guide for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Farm yourself some Dragonbone Artifact with the tips in this guide for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Dragonbone Artifact is another material used in dozens of weapons and armor in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, particularly the Bone weapon subset. Unfortunately, the material isn’t the most common you’ll find out in the wild, but it’s much easier and comfier to farm than rare monster materials. Depending on your chosen weapon, you’ll spend more time in those trees than in the Ore section.

This guide will cover all the ways you can get Dragonbone Artifact.

How to get Dragonbone Artifact in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

You’ll find Dragonbone Artifact as a reward from Bonepiles in the Master Rank version of every map, including the two new locations, Jungle and Citadel.

Since you can get it from anywhere, you’ll need a farming location with an excellent Bonepile layout and plenty of piles to gather from. The Shrine Ruins is once again the best Dragonbone Artifact farm.

Go northeast from the Main Camp until you reach the first intersection. There will be a Bonepile waiting there. Head to the first Bonepile in the mountains and move counter-clockwise from the gathering point nearest the zone 7 marker to zone 5 and then 8. Once you’ve collected from those four locations, you’ll have gathered from the majority of the six Bonpiles on the map.

Dragonbone Artifact is an uncommon drop from Bonepiles, however, so you aren’t guaranteed any, and you might make this initial loop without a single one appearing. You can fast travel to the Shrine Sub-Camp to reach zone 11 easily or the Buddy Recon point near zone 13 for the gathering point there.

Once you’ve cleared the whole map of Bonepiles, the first one in zone 3 should have respawned. Take some to gather other materials as you put some extra time on the clock, or you can also hunt a monster or two while you wait.

A Gathering Palico can help to farm, too, as they’ll collect from every Bonepile you do and have as good a chance of nabbing a Dragonbone Artifact as you do. You won’t know if they managed it until you complete the quest or Expedition, but a little help from a Felyne friend is always good.

The Shrine Ruins is best for farming many different materials, and we’ve used it in more than a few of our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak guides. These include Awegite, Twisted Stiffbone, Eltalite Ore, and others. Have a look at our Rise guides hub for even more.

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