Essential material for the mid-game of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, get your hands on Monster Slogbone with this guide.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to get Monster Slogbone

Essential material for the mid-game of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, get your hands on Monster Slogbone with this guide.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak introduces hundreds of new weapons and several times more crafting materials, some of which are essential to creating mid and late-game weapons and armor. Monster Slogbone is one such material, and for much of the early parts of the campaign, getting your hands on it is almost impossible. In this guide, we’ll go over where you can expect to find it.

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Where to Find Monster Slogbone in Sunbreak

Your primary source of Monster Slogbone will be Master Rank 3 quests and above. You unlock MR3 quests after defeating Aurora Somnacanth fairly early in the Sunbreak campaign.

Every quest thereafter has a good chance of awarding at least two or three Slogbones. The higher difficulty of the quest, the more Slogbones you’re likely to acquire, though at MR5 and above, you’re likely looking for other materials.

Monster Slogbones are also a possible reward for defeating Aurora Somnacanth itself:

  • 10% possibility as a Target Reward.
  • 9% possibility as a Capture Reward.
  • 14% possibility as a Carve reward.

Aurora Somnacanth is also a good early monster to farm for Ice-element weapons, which will come in handy against some of the later-game monsters.

What You Can Make with Monster Slogbone

Monster Slogbone is a requirement for a number of mid to late-game monster gear. To name a few:

  • The Nargacuga Coil X, with Evade Extender 2, Critical Eye 2, and Flinch Free.
  • The Nargacuga Greatsword, Gloom of Night.
  • Magnamalo Sinister Demon Armor chest plate, with Hellfire Cloak 1, Resentment 1, Earplugs 1.
  • Several Ore Tree weapons, including the Conqueress II Switch Axe.

When you’re crafting gear that uses Monster Slogbone, you likely will need to farm some of it, but thankfully, this happens naturally as you progress through the campaign.

The armor and weapons you make with the material will serve well for a surprisingly long time, as the Nargacuga and Magnamalo armor and weapons are all excellent options for deep into the mid-game. Nargacuga weapons, in particular, have always been top-tier, and that hasn’t changed in Sunbreak. For more content on Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, check out our guides hub, where we go over how to find other materials like Awegite and Follower quests work.

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