Pick up some good fashion for your Palico and Palamutes with this guide to getting True Stealth and True Trader Buddy Armor in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: True Stealth & Trader Buddy Armor Guide

Pick up some good fashion for your Palico and Palamutes with this guide to getting True Stealth and True Trader Buddy Armor in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.
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One of the many requests you’ll be able to complete throughout your Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak campaign rewards you with a unique set of armor for both your Palico and Palamute. These are called the True Stealth Armor for your Palico and True Trader Armor for your Palamute.

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Completing the request is straightforward, and you can complete it at any time, though you’ll want to do it earlier rather than later. The armor is squarely in the mid-tier. Later game sets have far better stats but don’t necessarily look as nice.

Unlocking True Stealth and True Trader Buddy Armor in Sunbreak

After completing the MR3 conversion quest against Aurora Somnacanth, speak to Felyne Supy at the Elgado Docs. He’ll provide you with the “Fur Requiting Kogarashi” side quest, where you’ll need to collect three Striped Finehide, then return to him.

Where to Find and Farm Striped Finehide

Striped Finehide is a somewhat rare material carved from Remobra monsters. Like Gajau, Kelbi, and other Small Monsters, you can only carve Remobra bodies once, and there’s only a 30% chance of receiving a single Striped Finehide from a carve.

Luckily, Remobra are incredibly common across all six hunting zones. You’ll know them by their blue color and annoying habit of swooping down to stagger you at the worst possible time.

You’ll find plenty of Remobra no matter where you go in any of the maps, but the quickest few are in:

  • Zone 1 of the Shrine Ruins.
  • Zone 3 of the Frost Islands.
  • Zone 4 of the Jungle.
  • Zone 1 of the Lava Caverns.

Use a Bow or a Bowgun of either type, so you don’t have to wait for them to come down into melee range. Bring along a Gathering-type Palico because when you complete the quest or Expedition, they have a good chance of picking up at least one Striped Finehide.

While the True Stealth and True Trader armor aren’t anything to write home about stats-wise, particularly when paired against late-game and Elder Dragon gear, they are quite good-looking, so unless your Buddies are having trouble surviving or are wearing Layered Armor, the fashion is on point.

And that’s it for the True Stealth and Trader Buddy armors. If this guide was helpful, stick around, because we’ll be covering tons of Sunbreak content in the days and weeks after launch. Check out our guides on Follower Quests, Monster Slogbone, Progression Weapons, and more. Our Monster Hunter Rise guides hub has even more.

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