Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Where to Find Twisted Stiffbone

Add some additional bones to your collection with this guide to finding Twisted Stiffbone in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Add some additional bones to your collection with this guide to finding Twisted Stiffbone in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak introduces hundreds of new materials for crafting hundreds of new armor sets and weapons. One such material you’ll need again and again is called Twisted Stiffbone. You’ll use it in several early-game armor sets and some later-game gear. We’ll cover where to find this material and some of what it makes in this guide.

Where to Find Twisted Stiffbone in Sunbreak

Like Awegite ore, your source of Twisted Stiffbone is the Shrine Ruins on Master Rank difficulty. It’s an uncommon drop from the various Bonepiles scattered about. Usually, you’ll only get one or two Twisted Stiffbone per Bonepile, alongside Massive Monster Bones.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get any Stiffbone on a single gather. There are six Bonepiles in the Shrine Ruins, and four are easy to get to.

Start by heading northeast from the Main Camp until you reach an intersection going left. There will be a Bonepile waiting there. Next, head into the central mountains and move east to west. You should stop once you reach the western portion of Zone 6. By that time, you’ll have gathered from four of the six points on the map.

If you’re on an Expedition, it won’t hurt to head to the northernmost portion of the Shrine Ruins and pick up the two Bonepiles in Zone 13 and Zone 11. By then, the earlier gathering points should respawn, and you can start the cycle over again.

If you’re hunting a monster as you gather, the northern Bonepiles can wait, as you’ll probably fight long enough for the respawn to occur naturally.

Your Palico can also collect Twisted Stiffbone from around the map, especially if they’re a gathering type. In our testing, taking the time to gather from just two Bonepiles netted an additional two Stiffbones from our Palico. Staying in the Ruins longer will naturally allow your Felyne friend to get even more for you.

What You Can Craft with Twisted Stiffbone

Twisted Stiffbone has uses beyond the early game, though it has a significant presence there. The Bnahabra and Bone sets require the material, as is the Seregios Greaves available much later in the campaign.

Perhaps one of the best uses for Twisted Stiffbone is crafting the Conqueress II Switch Axe. Conqueress II is a great catch-all Switch Axe for when you don’t want or need to run an element and its upgrade tree only makes it better.

There are likely plenty of other weapons that require Twisted Stiffbone we didn’t list here, but it is undoubtedly a necessity at any level. The same is even more true for Monster Slogbone, which is necessary for several endgame sets. We’ll cover much more about Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak in the coming days and weeks, so head to our Rise guides hub for more.

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