Overgrown Stiffbone is a required material for some of the better late-game gear in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Here's how to find it.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunreak: Where to Find Overgrown Stiffbone

Overgrown Stiffbone is a required material for some of the better late-game gear in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Here's how to find it.
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Another crafting material introduced in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, Overgrown Stiffbone is important for crafting several powerful pieces of late-game gear, specifically the Astalos Bracers and Master Rank Bone Tree weapons, which grant access to Seregios weapons.

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There are also some early-game reasons to use Overgrown Stiffbone and likely several dozen others buried in the weapon and armor material requirements.

How to Get Overgrown Stiffbone in Sunbreak

Overgrown Stiffbone, like Awegite and Allfire Stone, is only found in one location: the Jungle area.

A returning area originally from Monster Hunter 2 and reprised in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, Rise’s version is a complete visual overhaul that maintains the original layout and aesthetic.

You’ll find Overgrown Stiffbone as an uncommon drop from any of the four Bonepiles scattered about the Jungle.

Getting to any of these Bonepiles is a bit of a chore, but your best route is heading for Zone 9 and making your way up the rockfaces to the Bonepile.

To reach the two piles in the northwest portion of Zone 7, you have to enter a tunnel from above or come in from the north. Both Bonepiles are in a small cave on the cliff face’s west side.

To reach the last Bonepile in the northwesternmost portion of the Jungle, follow the beach of Zone 4 into the mountains. You might come across an impassable wall of vines. If you do, head down to the lower level and continue making your way around.

Unfortunately, there aren’t enough Bonepiles in the Jungle to justify a circuit, so your best bet is to gather Overgrown Stiffbone while you either complete a hunt or as part of a large gathering Expedition. Many Master Rank quests take place in the area, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to seek out bones.

And that’s it for finding Overgrown Stiffbone. We’ll be covering plenty of additional material locations in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak in the days and weeks to come, including the coverage we’ve already done on Monster Slogbone, Twisted Stiffbone, and others. Our Monster Hunter Rise guides hub will have it all.

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