Monster Hunter Rise: Where to Find Gracium Ore

Here's how to find Monster Hunter Rise's Gracium ore and whether it's worth the trouble.

Here's how to find Monster Hunter Rise's Gracium ore and whether it's worth the trouble.

Monster Hunter Rise’s Gracium Ore is one of the game’s essential items, but you won’t find it from monsters. This crafting material is only obtainable through harvesting an item gathering point, and that means lots of repetition depending on which armor sets you want to make from it.

This Monster Hunter Rise Gracium Ore guide shows you where to look for this material and how many to aim for depending on what armor sets you want.

Monster Hunter Rise Gracium Ore Locations

You’ll find Gracium Ore in the Frost Islands. You can only get Gracium Ore from one of the Frost Islands’ mining outcrops. There are potentially multiple mining outcrops in Frost Isles, but like the item distribution itself, it’s random whether you’ll encounter them.

I’ve marked on the Monster Hunter Rise map below where one of the Frost Islands mining outcrops could appear on the upper level. You’ll potentially find some in the cave areas as well.

Once you do find an outcropping, just interact with it using to obtain various ores or crystals from it. It’s completely random what you get, however, so it might take multiple trips to get Gracium Ore. Expedition quests are best for item gathering.

I’d also recommend checking what items your Buddies might bring back on Meowcenary missions. Having them collect items while you do other quests is much more convenient for any crafting material, including Gracium Ore.

Monster Hunter Rise Gracium Ore Uses

Here’s what you’ll use Gracium Ore for and how many you’ll need for each item. Most of it is for Ingot and Alloy armor, neither of which is terribly strong for later hunts, so keep that in mind when farming. 

  • Ingot Helm (2)
  • Ingot Coil (1)
  • Ingot Greaves (2)
  • Ingot Vambraces (2)
  • Alloy Greaves (2)
  • Alloy Coil (2)
  • Alloy Helm (2)
  • Alloy Mail (2)
  • Alloy Vambraces (2)
  • Tetranadon Mail (2)
  • Tetranadon Vambraces (2)
  • Lagombi Vambraces (3)

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