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Monster Hunter Stories: All Cat Quiz Answers

If you meet a bunch of curious cats asking many questions, then be sure to follow our guide on all cat quiz answers to get hefty rewards.

Along your journey in Monster Hunter Stories, you’ll encounter a number of felynes that will ask you to solve riddles for special rewards. In this guide, I’ll provide you with all the cat quiz answers in Monster Hunter Stories, including tips and tricks on how to find all the felynes.

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All Cat Quiz Answers in Monster Hunter Stories

There are four types of quiz cats in Monster Hunter Stories, including Stupurrous Felyne, Domesticat, Nonpussed Felyne, and Catechizing Felyne. Try to find them all and receive all those rewards, basically for free.

Stupurrous Felyne Quiz Answers

You’ll meet the first cat named Stupurrous Felyne on your way into Gildegaran as a part of the “Flummoxing Felyne” quest. This cat will ask you the following three questions:

  • Which of the following monsters is NOT in Hakum Village?
    • Answer: Arzuros
  • How much zenny will you make for selling a Herb at a shop?
    • Answer: 6
  • How many men are there at the Darj Rock Baths?
    • Answer: 4

If you give the right answers to all the questions, you’ll be rewarded with the following items:

  • S&S: Saver
  • 1, 800x Zenny
  • 800 EXP

Domesticat Quiz Answers

The next cat can be found in the Albarax as a part of the “Purrplexing Puzzles” quest. This cat will also ask you three questions:

  • What’s the name of the Sweetheart Sister with the orange hair?
    • Answer: Mel
  • Who asks mew to gather Tropical Berries in Oasum?
    • Answer: Travelling Merchant
  • How many fins does a Cephalos have?
    • Answer: 6

This time, you’ll get a much better set of rewards, including:

  • Cool and Healthy
  • 3,200x Zenny
  • 1,200 EXP

Nonpussed Felyne Quiz Answers

Later in the game, when you’ll be around Koapni Village, look out for the Nonpussed Felyne as a part of the “Confounding Queries” quest. This brave cat won’t hold back and will ask you these three questions:

  • What color is Dommel’s bandana?
    • Answer: Yellow
  • From which monster is a Flame Syphos made?
    • Answer: Gravios
  • How many darts are in the dart board in Reverto’s house?
    • Answer: 4

Nonpussed will be amazed if you give all the right answers and reward you generously with:

  • 3x Lucky Charms
  • 4,000x Zenny
  • 1,200 EXP

Catechizing Felyne Quiz Answers

Finally, in the late game, you’ll have a chance to speak to the Catechizing Felyne at Hakum Village. This is the final cat quiz in the game, which is part of the “Riddling Rebus” quest:

  • In Koapni Village, how many Felynes are relaxing on life purrservers?
    • Answer: 2
  • In Manelger’s Laboratory, which room has a gold door?
    • Answer: Specimen Room
  • When mew eat a Gourmet Steak, how much HP is restored?
    • Answer: 200

The final reward for completing this cat quiz will include these items:

  • 3x Bottle Caps
  • 5,000x Zenny
  • 2,000 EXP

That’s it for my guide on all cat quiz answers in Monster Hunter Stories. Stay tuned for more MHS tips and tricks articles right here.

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