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Savage Deviljho in MHW.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Monster Hunter World: All Large Brute Wyverns in MHW and Iceborne

Our brute wyvern list for MHW and Iceborne covers weaknesses and where to find them.

Brute wyverns are just one category of wyvern you’ll have to contend with in MHW, and sometimes you’ll get bounties to specifically hunt them. In this guide, I’ll cover all the large brute wyverns in Monster Hunter World and the Iceborne expansion.

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MHW Brute Wyvern List: Weaknesses and Locations Guide


MHW Anjanath weaknesses page.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Anjanath is the first “wall” for new Monster Hunter World players, but this big dinosaur-looking wyvern isn’t that tough. Anjanath is immune to fire damage and mostly weak to water. You can find it in quests and expeditions in the Ancient Forest and Wildspire Waste.


MHW Barroth weaknessespage.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

The infamous mud-roller, Barroth is a big brute wyvern without a lot to really worry about as a hunter. Its resistances change based on whether it’s covered in mud or not. It’s immune to fire and weak to water when covered in mud, and the opposite when not. Ice is an overall safe bet. You’ll find Barroth in Wildspire Waste.


MHW Deviljho weaknesses page
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Deviljho is an invading monster who will visit your HR quests and expeditions whether you like it or not. It’s particularly weak to thunder and dragon damage, but you’ll have to take it on quickly. After a few minutes, an invading Deviljho will leave the area. It can invade any map.


MHW Radobaan weaknesses chart
Screenshot by GameSkinny

This is one of two rolling brute wyverns in the base game. Radobaan is covered in breakable bone, which you’ll want to focus on breaking to deal increased damage to the fleshy body underneath its armor. It’s particularly weak to dragon damage, but ice damage will do, as well. You can find Radobaan in Rotten Vale.


MHW Uragaan weaknesses chart
Screenshot by GameSkinny

The second rolling brute wyvern in the base game, Uragaan is similar to Radobaan in that it spends most of its time rolling from one end of an area to the other. The difference is that Uragaan drops explosives and can inflict status ailments. Still, neither monster is much of a threat. You’ll find this one in Elder’s Recess.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Brute Wyvern List

Fulgur Anjanath

MHW Fulgur Anjanath weaknesses chart
Screenshot by Gameskinny

What about Anjanath, but with lighting? Fulgur Anjanath’s elemental strengths and weaknesses shift to thunder immunity and being weak to ice and water. Fire is a safe bet whether this one’s charged and enraged or not. Fulgur Anjanath is another invading monster. It can invade any map.


MHW Banbaro weaknesses chart
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Banbaro is your introduction to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. It then turns to invading hunts. There isn’t much risk to Banbaro outside of when it invades and ambushes you, as it will charge from a distance and can easily catch you off-guard. Being that this is an invader, you won’t be looking around for this brute wyvern. It, too, can invade any map.


MHW Brachydios weaknesses chart
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Brachydios looks a little funny, but fighting this brute wyvern is no joke. The exploding slime coating its hands and face is never a welcome surprise to get hit by, and the slime left on the ground is acidic. Brachydios is weak to both water and ice, but immune to fire. Try to hit its hands with an ice or water weapon to remove the slime. You’ll find it in Elder’s Recess.

Raging Brachydios

MHW Raging Brachydios weaknesses chart
Screenshot by GameSkinny

You won’t just run into Raging Brachydios. This is a particularly brutal monster with an absolutely savage cinematic fight to go with it. This is a Brachydios, but 10x worse. It’s weak to ice and water, and immune to fire. Bring your A-game to fight this one. You’ll only find it in select quests. It can only be found in select quests.

Savage Deviljho

MHW Savage Deviljho weaknesses chart
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Savage Deviljho is like its basic namesake turned up to 11, and it just loves to ruin your day when you’re taking on Master Rank Elder Dragons. It’s weak to thunder and dragon and, to a lesser extent, fire and water. But in most cases, you’ll want to steer clear of it. The best defense against Savage Deviljho is just going to another area of the map. It can invade any map.


MHW Glavenus weaknesses chart
Screenshot by GameSkinny

One of the more intimidating wyverns in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne at first glance, Glavenus puts up one heck of a fight. It’s weak to water, ice, and dragon and is immune to fire damage. You’ll want to try to hit its throat when it’s glowing but beware of the fireballs it spews. You can find Glavenus in the Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, and Elder’s Recess.

Acidic Glavenus

MHW Acidic Glavenus chart
Screenshot by GameSkinny

This subspecies is mostly just a more ferocious version of its regular counterpart, and it spews acid instead of fire. Fire damage is your best bet here, but thunder also works well. Acidic Glavenus, luckily, isn’t quite the back-breaker that some other subspecies are. You’ll find this brute wyvern in Rotten Vale.

With all the brute wyverns in MHW and Iceborne listed above, you won’t have to guess which monsters you need to take out for those pesky bounties. We’ve got tons of other Monster Hunter World guides here on GameSkinny, such as how to get Celestial Wyvern Prints.

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