Monster Hunter: World: Guide to the Winter Star Festival

There are some fun new things to see and do during Monster Hunter: World's winter holiday event. Make sure you scoop up all the limited-time goodies before they're gone!

There are some fun new things to see and do during Monster Hunter: World's winter holiday event. Make sure you scoop up all the limited-time goodies before they're gone!
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Let the Frigid Festivities Begin!

It seems like the Harvest Festival was just last week, but the Celestial Pursuit in Monster Hunter: World is already decked out in a Yule theme. Undertake special bounties and collect prize tickets to craft new winter armor, enjoy special festive meals, and more.

Sadly, we PC players will have to make do with a limited version of the Winter Star Festival — console players have some weapons and quests that we don’t have access to. (Don’t worry guys, I’ll cover your exclusive content too.)

Still, you should make the most of what we do have. Here’s a full list of all the new activities and goodies available:

  • New hunter armor (the Orion set), comes in regular and layered versions
  • New Palico armor, the Snowcat set
  • New Palico weapon, the Snowcat Bell
  • A new hammer, the Bristly Pincushion/Bristly Grudge (console only)
  • Daily limited bounties with unique prizes, including Heavy Armor Spheres
  • 5 new Guild Card titles (Winter, Snow, December, January, February), as well as poses and backgrounds
  • New outfits for Poogie, The Handler, and the Receptionists
  • Double daily login bonuses
  • Free Gold Wyverian Prints at login (Wednesdays and Sundays only)
  • 50% off sales at most shops
  • All previous events and their respective rewards return, except for the Harvest event items

How to Score Winter Star Tickets

Altogether, you’ll need 13 Winter Star Tickets to craft everything that calls for them. You’ll get one for free each day as a login bonus, but they don’t roll over like Lucky Vouchers do, so make sure to log in every day.

You can also score Winter Star Tickets by completing daily limited bounties, which reset every 24 hours and award one ticket each. See the Resource Center for details.

Logging in and completing all limited bounties each day will net you enough tickets to craft all the new stuff in just three days. Pretty reasonable!

Winter Weapons and Armor

The new Orion armor sets and the Snowcat set are all crafted in the workshop, like everything else. They only require common materials in addition to the Winter Star Tickets. If you’ve been playing the game for any length of time, you’ll have hundreds of spare parts.

The Bristly Pincushion hammer is a different story. To earn one for yourself, you’ll have to be playing Monster Hunter: World on a PS4 or Xbox One. (Hey, I’m sure we’ll see this weapon on PC someday.)

Console players can saunter over to the quest board and find the Rank 4 Event quest Timberland Troublemakers, which requires you to beat down a poor, defenseless Anjanath in the Ancient Forest. Finishing the job will earn you Bristly Crake Tickets, which you can haul to the workshop to craft the hammer.

Its upgraded version features 1040 attack power, blue sharpness, 0% affinity, and 270 (330) poison damage.

It’s really a shame I can’t use this thing yet. It’s equal parts adorable, hilarious, and terrifying.

The cozy Orion armor set will not only keep you toasty, it will boost Flinch Free, Recovery Up, Windproof, Heroics and Health Boost by one rank each.

Food, Shopping, & Presents

  • The new Guild Card decorations, as well as the Poogie and Handler outfits, are unlocked automatically for all players. The Handler’s new outfit is free for the duration of the event, but must be purchased for $2.99 if you want to keep it forever.
  • The Winter Star Platter is served with guaranteed 6x fresh ingredients, maximum HP and Stamina boosts, and a selection of useful Palico skills. It can only be ordered in the Celestial Pursuit, not in the main canteen or at camp.
  • The item shop, the botanist, the canteen, the melder, and the armorer will all offer their respective goods and services for 50% off automatically.
  • Every Wednesday and Sunday, you can snag a free Gold Wyverian Print at login. That’s a killer deal! These prints are one of the hardest non-monster items to come by, and they’re used in melding lots of rare items.
  • Two Lucky Vouchers daily at login instead of the usual one—make sure to use one if you have four, since five is the limit!
  • Celebrate the holiday and annoy your friends with Star Fireworks, pretty bombs that do hilariously small amounts of damage. You’ll get three at login each day, and you can craft more at the melder with your excess Winter Star Tickets.

You have until December 17 to round up all the Winter Star goodies, so don’t wait too long! Make sure to complete old event quests for any limited-time rewards you may have missed the first time around, too.

Be sure to regularly check our Monster Hunter: World hub page for more guides and news.

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