Monster Hunter World: How to Beat Anjanath

Learn everything about the location, the weaknesses, and the best method to beating Anjanath in this guide to Monster Hunter: World.

Learn everything about the location, the weaknesses, and the best method to beating Anjanath in this guide to Monster Hunter: World.

If you dare, you can hunt one of the largest and most dangerous monsters in Monster Hunter: World — Anjanath, the Brute Wyvern. It is possible to hunt one either casually or as a part of The Ancient Forest Menace quest.

In any case, you will discover that tracking down this abominable beast is possible by finding sticky yellow mucus, which Anjanath uses to mark his territory. If you want to know everything about the location, the weaknesses, and the best method to kill Anjanath, then follow our guide below.

How to Find Anjanath in Monster Hunter: World

Location of Anjanath Monster Hunter World

There are two possible locations where you can find Anjanath. The first one is the Ancient Forest, which is part of the Anjanath hunting quest. Pay close attention to sections 1, 3, 4, and 5. This is where the beast usually roams in search of smaller animals.

Another location that is connected to the Ancient Forest is the Wildspire Waste. This deserted, rocky area attracts big monsters with its large ant mounds. The Waste is far more dangerous than the Forest due to branching caverns and twisted canyons, so be extra careful here.

Anjanath is not the only monster you will find here, so keep your eyes open for such beasts as Rathalos, Diablos, and Nergigante.

Anjanath’s Weaknesses in Monster Hunter: World

Another map for MHW Anjanath

Anjanath’s main element is Fire, which automatically makes him resistant to Fire but weak to Water and Ice elements. So be sure to infuse your weapons with these two elements, and beware of Anjanath’s own fire breathing.

When it comes to physical parts, the monster is most vulnerable in the areas of the head, legs, nostrils, and arms. You can also try and sever his tail. If you see his throat glowing with red color, try attacking it. As a result, Anjanath will drop a Shiny.

The sign of weakness is limping, which indicates that you’re very close to killing him. However, be very careful, as enraged Anjanath is still extremely dangerous.

How to Defeat Anjanath in Monster Hunter: World

Looking for an Anjanath weakness

Anjanath hits like a truck, so be well prepared before fighting him. Equip both your armors with the highest possible defense, fire resistance (e.g. Bone Armor), and best abilities. After that, upgrade everything with armor spheres.

If you can’t afford Water and Ice elements at the early stages of the game, then at least coat your weapons with Paralysis and Poison ailments. But of course water weapons are the best.

Never forget to move with constant speed — Anjanath won’t give you a second to pause. If you have a bow, then definitely go for the head; if not, then stick to his belly. If you’re hunting him in the Ancient Forest, be sure to use the environment, such as tree vines, to your advantage.

As already mentioned, be especially cautious when his neck fins out — this means that he is preparing to breathe fire. You don’t want to be anywhere near him when this happens. But if you can get behind him, then you can switch to his tail. In any case, just don’t stand in front of him.

Of course, if you see that you can’t deal with Anjanath on your own, you can use an SOS flare and call for help. Don’t feel bad about this — just let other players help you finish the quest. A few players are always better because one can distract the monster while others can easily chop him down.

If you apply enough pressure, dodge his attacks, and at the same time restore your health with potions, you should be fine.

When you finally kill Anjanath, he may drop Flame sac and other elements of his body, which can be put to good use in the future. For now, if you want to know how to kill other monsters, check out the rest of the Monster Hunter: World guides here at GameSkinny:

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