Moonlighter Green Monster Guide

Have you run into a green monster in Moonlighter? Here's everything you need to know about it!

Have you run into a green monster in Moonlighter? Here's everything you need to know about it!

When you’re running through dungeons in Moonlighter, you’ll find it difficult to resist the compulsion to explore every room on a floor. Who can blame you? You need to acquire all of the loot and get it to your shop!

But be warned. Eventually, you’ll find yourself face to face with a fearsome, one-eyed green foe. This ghastly green monster comes equipped with the power to end you with a single blow, and it will chase you until you find the floor’s exit!

How Did This Happen?

If you were greeted by this large monstrosity, you’re probably thinking it’s a regular monster in your dungeon, and this means you’ve tried to fight it. This does not go well. It takes no damage! If it takes no damage and eliminates you with one hit, this green monster must be a bug, right?

Be warned, it shows up in every dungeon, and it is not a bug. But what is it?

It’s the developers’ way of motivating you to move faster through the dungeon. If you stay too long on a floor, you’ll notice a little green eye icon with a timer attached to it popping up on the lower left-hand part of your screen. This icon indicates that the monster is on the hunt for you — you better get moving!

What Can You Do?

Try as you might, no matter how many arrows or well-timed slashes you successfully hit on this creature, you will never kill it. It is invincible, and it will one-shot you for 500,000 damage.

You’re left with only one option: Get to the next floor!

Though the monster destroys you with one hit, it doesn’t move quickly. Use this to your advantage to move on. 

If you get cornered by it, keep dodging! You can avoid taking any damage if you effectively dodge the green monster’s attacks.

Some people may never run into this creature. I waited for it to spawn on the first floor of the first dungeon, and it took about six minutes for it to finally show up. Not a lot of time, but definitely enough for me to find the door to the next floor.

Alternative Ways the Green Monster Spawns

Other than motivating you to keep moving, the green monster does show up for another reason: when you steal its favorite book!

You can find this sacred tome in one of the secret rooms. How do you find the secret area?

You need to keep your eyes open. The game indicates a secret area with a small twinkling in the dark abyss of a room with a large chasm. It’s really easy to miss this twinkling! It only shows up when you enter the new room. When you know you’ve found a secret room, you roll down into the hole, taking no damage.

When you land on the secret floor, you’ll find a few items on the ground, along with a rope to take you back up. Floating in the middle of the room will be the floating tome — take this tome at your own risk!

As soon as you grab it, the green monster appears. You can take the rope back up to your floor, but it will still chase you! The only way to escape its gooey clutches is by running to the exit to the next floor. However, if you choose to leave an item in its place, the green monster will not spawn. When you find this floating book, prepare to part with an item you do not value!

If you’re feeling a bit lucky, stay an extra couple of minutes on a dungeon floor and see what you find. But beware, the developers don’t want you feeling too safe. The green monster awaits anyone willing to risk it in order to discover the finest of prizes. 

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