How to solve the solar panel puzzle in Moon of Madness.

Moons Of Madness Solar Panel Puzzle Solution

How to solve the solar panel puzzle in Moon of Madness.

Like all first person Lovecraftian games, one of the biggest challenges in Moons Of Madness is not going mad from the infuriating puzzles! An early one already has players stumped as you need to fix three solar panels that are out of alignment, but there’s a catch — one of them can’t be reached, and another doesn’t have the power to be moved remotely.

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Can’t quite figure out how to get all the panels into proper alignment? There’s a trick, but once you know it this puzzle is simple to complete.

Solving The Solar Panel Puzzle

When exiting the hub where you read the emails about Lukas taking things and saw the chess set, make sure to take the energy cell with you before you leave. This turns off the lights, but you’ll need two batteries — one to operate the lifts, and the other to turn on an inoperative panel. 

Outside, head back up the lift to return to the area with the solar panel arrays. There are three panels you can connect to with your bio-gauge by right clicking to scan then left clicking to connect, or you can open the panel and access it manually by standing in front of the screen.

Note that you can’t actually reach the array with the collapsed scaffolding manually and must connect to it by scanning from the ground.

Your goal here is to change the red light “low” icon to the green light “optimal” notification on each panel by rotating it until it receives the most solar energy. Although it isn’t immediately apparent, the panels can be moved both left and right as well as up and down.

To hit the optimal setting for each panel, follow this pattern of moving left or right first until you the hit the highest number possible (it will be clear when to stop as the number will go down if you keep moving) then move up or down to get into the optimal 90’s range:

  • First Panel (scaffolding broken) – Turn right to 70 then up to 96
  • Second panel (scaffolding intact, battery present) – Turn right to 71 then up 92
  • Third panel (scaffolding intact, battery missing) – Turn right to 54 and then up to 91

Make sure to put the energy cell into the third panel or it won’t rotate. After finishing the third panel movement, do not remove the power cell or it won’t count as fixing all three panels. It’s not clear why the game requires this, since the panel doesn’t need power to sit in the correct position. Just leave the cell in and the puzzle will be finished. 

Having trouble completing any other Moons Of Madness puzzles like the orbs or doorways? Let us know which parts you haven’t been able to complete and we’ll help you out with more guides!

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