Mortal Kombat 1: How to Get Nether Stone

Trying to open those fiery gates in MK1? Here's how to get the Nether Stone.

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Although Mortal Kombat 1 is the first entry in over 10 years to be missing the Krypt, all of the hallmark secrets can be found in the Invasions mode. While there are numerous hidden objectives to discover, something else you’ll come across is locked fiery gates that require a key item to open. Here’s how to get the Nether Stone in MK1.

How to Get Nether Stone in Mortal Kombat 1

We’ve found that the surefire way of getting the Nether Stone is to defeat Scorpion at the Fire Temple. There’s no need to scout around optional parts of the mesas or solve all of the klues. You’ll naturally unlock it once you beat the final boss for the first season of the Invasions mode.

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How to Beat Scorpion in Invasions

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As a boss in the mode, Scorpion has three phases that you’ll need to fight through. Here’s a breakdown of each to get the Nether Stone.

Scorpion Boss: First Phase

This is the most basic phase and certainly the easiest. Simply deal with him as you would any other enemy. The Super Armor is a pain, but he’ll telegraph his attacks with a long wind-up.

Scorpion Boss: Second Phase

Things get a little more complicated here. First, he gains a fire aura buff, which sets you on fire when you physically attack him. You’ll take a bit of damage from it, but it shouldn’t be that much at this point.

The second addition is that he’ll start using a unique projectile attack. He has super armor constantly and throws a lot of fireballs your way. Stay as far away as possible and try to jump and duck over them if you can. Otherwise, feel free to block them all. Once he’s finished, just keep the offensive up.

Scorpion Boss: Third Phase

The third phase of the Scorpion boss fight starts with a special segment where a barrage of fiery chains is displayed over the screen. They’ll stay there for a couple of seconds before exploding. Do your best to position yourself in a place where no chains are touching you to stay safe. Some of these will also require you to jump in the air to avoid taking damage.

After that, it will be a harder version of the second phase, as he’ll also have fire armor. Follow the same strategy and keep the attacks coming until the armor is gone. Once it is, you can deal damage like normal. Defeat him, and you’ll unlock his skin, some additional gear for Scorpion, and the Nether Stone.

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How to Use the Nether Stone in MK1

Once you’ve gained access to the stone, you’ll be able to approach any fiery Locked Gate and unlock it. The item itself will be added to your Key Items Inventory. This means you don’t have to worry about dropping items to hold onto it as you do for your limited-use inventory. 

You now know how to get the Nether Stone in Mortal Kombat 1. If you need help with some of the klues in Invasions mode or other general tips and tricks, a complete fatalities list, and more, head over to our kollection of MK1 guides.

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