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Mortal Kombat 1: How to Unlock Kameo Characters

Not every Kameo fighter is available at the start of MK1. Here's how to get them.

Arguably the most notable addition to the gameplay in Mortal Kombat 1 is the Kameo system. Taking cues from some of the fun and enhanced challenges from the previous entry, it effectively turns this into an assist-based fighter. However, they’re not all available when you take your first step into this revised timeline. Here’s how to unlock all of the Kameo characters in Mortal Kombat 1.

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How to Unlock Kameo Characters in Mortal Kombat 1

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You can unlock more Kameo fighters by leveling up your profile. Once you’ve met the required level, a notification will pop up and let you know who’s been added. From then on, you can select them in other modes, unlock their brutalities, and change them with the Kustomize menu.

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When Do the Kameo Characters Unlock?

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While there are various rewards provided as your profile level increases, the remaining Kameo fighters are made available every five levels. To be more precise, these are when you can expect to see them:

  • Level 5: Scorpion
  • Level 10: Sub-Zero
  • Level 15: Kung Lao
  • Level 20: Shujinko
  • Level 25: Motaro

How to Increase Profile Level in MK1

Your MK1 profile level is increased as you play through most modes besides the campaign. We’ve seen it rise by playing through Character Towers and Invasions. Online play should increase it too, although it won’t if you’re just playing locally against your friend or CPU.

How to Unlock DLC Kameo Fighters

We won’t know how to unlock these characters until the Kombat Pack launches, although we assume they won’t require any extra level restrictions. For reference, here are the fighters we’re expecting:

  • Tremor
  • Mavado
  • Johnny Cage
  • Ferra
  • Khameleon

That should cover all that there is to know about how to unlock kameo fighters in Mortal Kombat 1. If you’re curious about how to have every character available, check out our guide on unlocking Havik above. All other tips and tricks can be found within our MK1 guides hub.

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