Here are the five best Innistrad: Midnight Hunt combos for standard, historic, and commander formats in MtG.

MtG: Best Innistrad Midnight Hunt Combos

Here are the five best Innistrad: Midnight Hunt combos for standard, historic, and commander formats in MtG.

New cards offer Magic: The Gathering players new ways to win, especially since they can be combined into exciting fresh combos. Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, the latest MtG expansion, has many new ways of either achieving infinite mana and life, or simply OTKing your opponents.

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This guide will showcase five of the best new MtG combos from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt for various formats, including standard, historic, and commander.

Infinite Mana Combo (Standard)


Teferi, Who Slows the Sunset may not be the most exciting planeswalker on its own in the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt set, but he does give players a chance to execute an amazing infinite mana combo in standard.

Here’s the simple breakdown of this awesome combo:

  1. Cast Accomplished Alchemist
  2. Cast Teferi, Who Slows the Sunset
  3. Cast Lithoform Engine
  4. Activate Teferi’s plus one ability, targeting Lithoform Engine and Accomplished Alchemist
  5. Activate Lithoform Engine’s first ability, targeting Teferi’s plus one ability on the stack
  6. Untap Lithoform Engine and Accomplished Alchemist
  7. Rinse and repeat steps 4-6 for infinite mana

This combo also produces infinite life, which is a huge indication to your opponent that it’s time to concede.

Night and Day OTK Combo (Standard)


Having infinite mana and life is great, but being able to OTK your opponent is even better.

This particular combo, discovered by Reddit user nagCopaleen, is based on the new day and night cycle introduced in the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt expansion, and it goes like this:

  1. Cast The Celestus
  2. Cast 4x Component Collector
  3. Cast Brimstone Vandal
  4. Activate the 3-mana ability on The Celestus
  5. Untap it with Component Collector and add mana with The Celestus (repeat four times)
  6. Spend three mana to activate the day and night ability on The Celestus
  7. Rinse and repeat steps 4-6

During each change of day and night cycle Brimstone Vandal will deal damage to your opponent, and since the cycle is infinite, you can easily OTK your opponent this way.

Meathook Massacre Combo (Standard)


Since the moment The Meathook Massacre enchantment was revealed to the public, MtG players knew immediately that this is going to be a huge troublemaker of a card.

The combo can be lethal or at least very damaging:

  1. Cast Daemogoth Titan
  2. Cast Exponential Growth, targeting Daemogoth Titan
  3. Cast Tend the Pest, targeting Daemogoth Titan
  4. Sacrifice Daemogoth Titan, creating 22x pest tokens
  5. Cast The Meathook Massacre for three mana

This combo deals 22 points of damage, sacrificing all pest tokens. If your opponent’s life total is equal or lower than that, you may have another OTK combo on your hands.

Infinite Life Combo (Historic)


Lunarch Veteran from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt doesn’t look like anything special at first sight, being a mere common 1-drop. But it has an ability that has a potential to produce an infinite life combo that looks like this:

  1. Cast Lunarch Veteran
  2. Cast Lurking Roper
  3. Cast Presence of Gond, targeting Lurking Roper
  4. Tap Lurking Roper and create an elf token
  5. Gain life with Lunarch Veteran
  6. Untap Lurking Roper
  7. Rinse and repeat steps 4-6

As you see, you will not only gain infinite life, but also infinite number of tokens, which could be then also sacrificed to The Meathook Massacre. This combo was first discovered by the Reddit user Timber4, and many Magic: The Gathering players love its simple execution.

Infinite Mill Combo (Commander)


Mill archetype in EDH now has a new fantastic combo helmed by Lier, Disciple of the Drowned commander card from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt.

The combo can be executed with only a few cards, which makes it quite simple as well:

  1. Cast Venture Deeper, targeting your opponent
  2. Cast Merfolk Secretkeeper from adventure zone
  3. Cast Ashnod’s Altar
  4. Cast Chromatic Orrery to turn colorless mana into blue mana
  5. Cast Lier, Disciple of the Drowned from the commander zone
  6. Sacrifice Merfolk Secretkeeper, using Ashnod’s Altar
  7. Cast Venture Deeper from graveyard, using Lier’s ability

Repeat this cycle infinitely until your opponent mills all their cards in a single turn using the mana produced by Ashnod’s Altar and Chromatic Orrery.

Those are the best Innistrad: Midnight Hunt combos for standard, historic, and commander formats in MtG. For more Magic: The Gathering content, card lists, and guides, head over to our MtG hub page here.

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