Follow our guide if you want to know how to beat Chief boss and get Chief's Spear in Muck survival game.

Muck: How to Beat Chief

Follow our guide if you want to know how to beat Chief boss and get Chief's Spear in Muck survival game.

In the latest update 1.3 for the survival game Muck, the developer introduced a new world boss simply named Chief. This boss carries a new weapon, the Chief’s Spear, which he may drop after being defeated. This guide will provide you with tips on how to beat Chief in Muck.

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If you manage to defeat this new enemy, you will not only earn special rewards but also unlock a new Chief achievement. In this guide, you will learn about the best armor, weapons, and upgrades that will help you beat Chief, as well as a complete breakdown of all his moves and tactics on how to avoid them.

Since Chief uses the strongest melee weapon in the game, the Chief’s Spear, it is advisable to craft the strongest possible armor in the game before fighting this new boss

One of the latest Muck updates made it possible for players to craft a new type of armor made of Obamium ore, which is the best material for crafting the armor set that has the most defenses in the game.

Obamium armor can be crafted in an anvil using the following recipe:

  • Helmet: 5x Obamium bar
  • Chest: 15x Obamium bar
  • Legs: 15x Obamium bar
  • Shoes: 5x Obamium bar

The other best weapon in the game besides the Chief’s Spear is the Night Blade, which is available inside the cave chests or through crafting. If you still haven’t got one, then it is highly advisable to craft it using this recipe:

  • 1x Black Shard
  • 15x Dark Oak Wood
  • 10x Obamium bar

However, during a particular attack Night Blade might not be the best weapon against the Chief, so use a bow with arrows instead.

Currently, the best bow in Muck is the Ancient Bow, which can be crafted in the fletching table with the help of this recipe:

  • 1x Ancient Bone
  • 1x Rope

Ancient Bone can be found inside the free chest in the Fletcher’s Hut or as a drop from the Gronk boss.

The best type of arrows that will deal the maximum amount of damage to Chief are Lightning arrows. These can be crafted with the help of:

  • 1x Lightning Ball
  • 1x Dark Oak Wood

Lightning Balls drop only from Lightning Dave mobs. If you can’t find these, then use fire arrows instead.

In addition to the weapons and armor that you will need for the Chief boss fight, you also should stack up some of the following upgrades:

  • Crimson Dagger
  • Horseshoe
  • Juice
  • Adrenaline
  • Berserk
  • Sniper Scope

These upgrades are designed to boost your health and increase your critical hit chance, which is especially important against the buffed version of Chief.

Beat the Chief

Chief can be compared to the Gronk boss, as some of his attack patterns are similar. But he’s also got his own tricks, so be prepared for all of them.

Once you summon Chief by interacting with his statue, you need to be aware of the following attack patterns:

  • Slam Attack. His standard attack involves him slamming his spear into the ground. This happens only in case you get too close to Chief, so keep a healthy distance and this won’t bother you.
  • Twirl Attack. Chief will produce a strange sound that will signal to your his twirl attack. Then, he starts spinning and hitting anything that catches his spear. Just run backward and start shooting him with your bow until he stops spinning.
  • Leap Strike. You shouldn’t run away from Chief too far either, as he will perform the leap strike attack when he jumps forward and slams his spear into the ground.
  • Spear Throw. This attack is very similar to Gronk’s sword throw. All you can do is hide behind the trees and the rocks. If the spear catches you, it’ll deal a lot of damage. Fortunately, you will have enough time to take cover.

You will have short windows between these attack patterns, which you can use to deal damage to Chief.

The Night Blade can kill him in just five direct hits, but if you’re using the upgrades, then he can die in three. So stack up on those upgrades, and patiently wait for your attack windows. In no time, you will easily defeat Chief.


Once you beat the Chief boss, he will randomly drop the following items (including drop rates):

  • Coin: 50-100 (100%)
  • Oak Wood: 5-15 (40%)
  • Ancient Core (33%)
  • Dark Oak Wood: 5-15 (20%)
  • Spear Tip (10%)
  • Chief’s Spear (2.5%)

That’s all you need to know on how to beat the Chief boss in Muck. If you want to know more about Muck, then head over to our dedicated guides page.

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