My Hero Ultra Rumble: How to Block

Increase your chances of survival with our guide on how to block in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

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Getting knocked down in My Hero Ultra Rumble can spell the end of your team’s run. Plus, if there’s a massive clash as everyone piles into the safe zone, your teammates might not have a free moment to revive you. So, you might be wondering how you can mitigate the incoming damage to stay in the fight. In this guide, we’ll cover how to block in My Hero Ultra Rumble

How to Block in My Hero Ultra Rumble

My Hero Ultra Rumble makes blocking as easy as can be. Your character blocks automatically if you have GP (Guard Points). The blue bar above your health meter indicates how much GP you have available, so keep an eye on it throughout the battle.

Think of GP as a buffer that absorbs damage from attacks, protecting your HP until it depletes completely. If you have GP, an attack will trigger a blocking animation from your character. Crossing their arms in front of their face, for example. However, if your guard breaks, you won’t block, and your HP will begin to fall!

How to Find GP Recovery Drinks

Top up your Guard Points with GP Recovery Drinks! These are blue drink items that you can find on the battlefield. Sometimes, they’ll be right out in the open, yours for the taking. Alternatively, you might need to break down buildings or open item boxes to find more.

Maybe you have plenty of items in your inventory already. In that case, be sure to ping the locations of the GP Recovery Drinks for your team. Keeping their GP up is just as important as yours, especially as the map shrinks. Otherwise, you might need to revive them amidst the chaos. When you’re forced to face another team, a full tank of GP is just what your team needs!

That covers how to block in My Hero Ultra Rumble. Thankfully, the game does the hard work for you by making it an automatic action. That means you can spend your time doing the fun stuff, such as dodging, using Quirk Skills, and triggering Special Actions! For more tips and tricks, take a gander at our growing MHUR guides hub

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